Stop to call Cereza "Bayonetta" !!!!!

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Which name is better for my beautiful witch?

Cereza 8 7.21%
Bayonetta 54 48.65%
Bitch 49 44.14%

So how in hell did Cereza become Bayonetta, anyway? I never paid that much attention to the game in that regard.

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You know, I don't remember anything about that stuff. I guess I was too mesmerised by the glorious action to notice the story.

Don't care. Now excuse me I gotta replay Eclair Farron Returns.

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Cereza sounds more sexy and elegant.

I call her Bayonetta, if I met a hot girl cosplaying as her, I'd call that girl whatever she wanted me to... except if she want me to call her 'Big Daddy' that is not the road I personally want to travel no matter how hot she is.

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Bayo for me :p

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

Cereza is cherry in Spanish, so Bayonetta for me.

We should call Luigi by his last name Mario, and Mario by the surname Mario because their full names are actually Luigi Mario and Mario Mario.

Also Metal Gear David.

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Ugly bitch :)

That means I should stop calling Bruce Wayne, The Batman?

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