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Which JRPG...?

Star Ocean: The Last Hope 5 2.19%
FF 13: Lightning Returns 6 2.63%
Tales of Xillia 2 12 5.26%
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles 13 5.70%
Final Fantasy X/X2 Remaster 43 18.86%
Persona 3 35 15.35%
Xenoblade Chronicles 94 41.23%
FF Type Zero 10 4.39%
The Last Story 3 1.32%
Other 7 3.07%

JRPGs are some my favorite games. However, I can only play a select number of them a year as I get burnt out from them. Summer's fastly approaching and I want to start one up for the Summer. I have so many in my backlog that I don't know where to start... 

I want to play a good JRPG, one that might actually benefit a future JRPG.. I'll explain later. Please try not to make this a console war thing too.

The choices: 
Star Ocean the Last Hope- I started this game back in like 09, but I quit after a few hours for some forgettable reason. It's been in my backlog for some time, but I just keep forgetting it. 

FF 13: Lightning Returns- I bought this launch 2014, but never got around to playing it. The main reason is that timer freaks me out and I know it will drive me crazy throughout. Granted, I did enjoy the FF 13 series so far.

Tales of Xillia 2: I played the first game back in 2013, or early 2014, but never got around to playing the sequel. I loved the first one, so this is a nice bet. I also heard it's not that long compared to some of the other JRPGs on my list.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles: Again, I bought this at launch, but haven't gotten around to it yet. If I play this one, I'll most likely just play the first one right now as I heard the second one was pretty poorly recieved. 

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster- This game releases on PS4 the last day of class for me, so I'll have it right when I'm done. I heard a lot of great things about the game, so it's something I may want to start sooner, rather than later. 

Persona 3- I recently played Persona 4 Golden and it was the best game I played in the last ten years for me. I wanted to play this before I start playing Persona Arena, just so I know all the characters. Plus it could be a good game to start up before Persona 5; in celebration perhaps.  

Xenoblade Chonicles: I keep hearing how this is one of the best RPGs of the generation. XCX comes out later this year, so it might be beneficial to play this before that releases. This game has a long playtime though. I hear 200 hours, so that might consume my Summer. 

**Those are all the games I'm willing to play this Summer. At most, depending on the length, I'll play two of them. 
This also tells me I need to stop buying games I don't even play at launch.
Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Thanks! 

Edit: Just for discussion sake, I also have FF Type Zero, and The Last Story in backlog land. 

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Final Fantasy X ASAP!!
And then Persona 3 and Xenoblade!

You haven't played FFX yet? :o
Go for that one! Absolutely fantastic game

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The last remnant have you thought about that too? :(

Well Im just a little bias but I will say FFX.
XBC was amazing but eventually later on to me started to just drag on.
Persona 3 I also want to play before 5 releases but I doubt I will get around to it.
Lighting Returns doesn't take all that long if you are their for the story and the time was never really an issue unless your looking to do all of the sidequests, at least for me.

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I'd say either Symphonia or Xenoblade. I love Symphonia and is probably my fav Tales game, and Xenoblade is just an awesome game. However, it'll take you along time to finish, so I guess play it when you have a lot of time to invest into it.



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Xenoblade and then FFX

If you haven't played FFX, what have you been doing!!!!!!!!!

For me it's the only jRPG that can edge out Persona 4: Golden (though IX isn't far away). It's got to be one of my favorite games ever

Personally, I'm just getting to the end of my P4G new game +, so I'll be starting P3P I reckon

Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster