Leaked Nintendo Direct for April 1st

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Is it real?

Seems Legit! 47 23.38%
FAKE!!! 154 76.62%

Also, the Mario Maker guys already said in an interview there will be no music creator in the game. Fake.


Well, this is new.


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spemanig said:
Seriously guys, when has a Nintendo Direct ever leaked? Ever?

I remember the February 2013Direct had like 3 or 4 still images leaked. They were all of Iwata wearing the Green Luigi hat, and Miyamoto had a vacuum. Then the next day was the Direct and they announced the Year of Luigi and Miyamoto was there with the vacuum being his silly self. lol

So kinda never. lol

Atleast this leaker made possibly one of the most believable list I've seen from these leaks. Normally they are just a wish list that should be a E3 showing. But it's missing some components like indie featured minute. Mario puzzles and dragons. Xenoblade X(might just be for Japan though). Probably some things I'm missing. But still, its fake.


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Funny that it lands on April 1st... Maybe they WANT you to think it`s a joke... : 3



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Early April Fools jokes are so lame.

No Xenoblade=fake

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A Bowser Wii U game...that just gave the leak away. Why in the hell would Nintendo do that? They're smart but they're not that smart. XD

My guess was sometime this week so maybe and hopefully....

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is 1st of april a thing in japan? if not, it could be real, because nintendo...