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anthony64641 said:

I dont understand all the hate for RE5, it was great! insane story, sexy graphics and was fun as hell to play. online was solid and while the co-op AI was a bit horrible, playing with a real person fixed all the problems with this game. Resident evil 5 got me into the series and now i love it. 


what do you guys think? was it that horrible?

I agree, and I've played every RE game. The Co-op in that game is GOAT!

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Resident Evil 2: Code Veronica. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was probably my favorite though. I don't mind the gunplay in the new games but they need to go back to horror survival instead of a action based QTE. Make it scarier and darker for god's sake.

Resident Evil 0 is the most underrated. For the record, I did not like RE5.

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RE5 is still the most fun RE game i've played. I think alot of people that dislike the game surely never had an awesome game partner and had to deal with the stupid AI.

Resident Evil 5 has to be the most underrated and the second most hated of them all. Honestly, I really enjoyed it. Sure, it lost what made the 4 a masterpiece, but it was a bit more diverse and alive than Resident Evil 6 on the location and customization aspect.

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I loved RE5 although i never got to play it with a friend (AI Nightmares). Still a solid game though 8/10.

RE5 and RE0, RE5 is fun and has a lot of replay value like RE4. RE0 is like the best one but no many people played....