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"A new visual novel titled Steins;Gate 0, and an anime adaptation of it, were announced today. The news came in addition to the ChäoS;Child anime announcement during 5pb's live stream today, held by representative Chiyomaru Shikura.

This game will be a sequel to the visual novel Steins;Gate, also incorporating content from the Epigraph Trilogy of light novels/manga (Heiji Kyokusen no EpigraphEigou Kaiki no Pandora, and Mugen Enten no Arutaeru) and the drama CDs. Steins;Gate 0 is set in the β (Beta) World Timeline of the novel. This latest installment of the series will be the first to have a numbering title.

Steins;Gate was previously adapted into TV anime series in 2011 and a movie in 2013.

Game trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfFC15WoNYo

Source: Dengeki"

Source: MyAnimeList

Well this is tottally unexpected, while it doesn't seem necessary to have this as Steins;Gate finished perfectly for me, I will be boarding the HYPE train.

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Damn!!! This is gonna be epic!


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Sounds good!

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