We're a month behind in the numbers and ioi has been gone for over two weeks, what gives?

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1 month...that just seems crazy long when were use to having them every week (two at the most). A little explanation why and or at least tell us that the numbers will be delayed so everyone doesn't think the site's abandoned, are there some new complications? Give us some insight, let us into the head of ioi for a bit so we understand and not judge so quick.

Hell Brett hasn't been on since March 12th, if your on vacation that's fine go ahead you deserve it, just let the people that depend on you know.

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this month is an abomination

Tsubasa Ozora

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Other blogs are saying Wii U are at 10.2milion. so what are the other consoles at at this time.. It's a bit strange.. I used to embed the data from here on the websites i write for , i took them off due to such late updating.. Maybe they have forgot how to count.


Waiting for NPD first probably.

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Sony gives numbers so often that maybe VGC is just waiting for the next announcement
So... blame Sony! Demand an update!

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I'm not sure what has been going on. Maybe ioi is simply on vacation? Or maybe he's planning a big revamp of the site that will have more accurate data?

Someone should check on whoever updates the numbers. They might be starting to smell...

Ooh is this today's thread? Nice.

And who knows is the short answer.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.


C'mon VGchartz, I need my info fix