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Star Citizen is coming, but that's just another Sim's games and only limited market interest with it.

But hey they have a good chunk of MMO like Never Winter, Warcraft, and strategy games, like Cities skyline, The Sims 4, Star Craft series, Civilization etc.

and the most important thing they have " HENTAI GAMES"

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The thread makes it seem like you don't know much about PC at all. Also, most of the big third party games do hit PC the same time as consoles. GTA is the exception, not the norm.

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fps_d0minat0r said:
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dude... cities skyline just released...

Pretty much this.

Not to mention Star Citizen, DOTA 2, and plenty of others.

Star citizen isnt out for a long time isnt it?

Even though OP is technically wrong, I see the point being made. There really isnt that much. It seems like the only AAA games PC is keeping are the ones that cant be played using a gamepad.

Star Citizen is out, it has a modular release cycle so many parts of it are already playable. Also, PC has access to mods which add tons of playtime by themselves, along with the most played AAA exclusives currently out (LoL and DOTA 2).

Let's also not forget that PCs have MMOs, most of which never make it over to console. Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Wildstar are all recent AAA PC exclusives, with huge playerbases. Not to mention other MMOs which are still going strong with new expansions, like World of Warcraft and Eve Online.

So yeah, PC has plenty of AAA exclusives. Sure, they aren't "traditional" exclusives, but in terms of playerbase and popularity, they are just as big or even much bigger than console exclusives. There are also hundreds of exclusive visual novels or indie games, many that are really good.

Edit: Oh, and Pillars of Eternity just came out today too. That's pretty much a AAA game already in the style of Baldur's Gate, and has a 93 on Metacritic.

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Starcraft 2 also.
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MikeRox said:
Lawlight said:

A PC game will not just run on a Mac. It has to be a different version.

Again, a Mac is a PC. However it's a PC with Apple's Operating system. It's still a PC if it had Linux too. ;)

Windows is just 1 operating system which can run a PC.

I'm just going to paste this here since you don't really seem to know that a Mac is not a PC:

"PC" is an initialism for "personal computer". However, it is used in a different sense: It means a personal computers with an Intel x86-compatible processor running Microsoft Windows (sometimes called Wintel). "PC" is used in contrast with "Mac", an Apple Macintosh computer. This sense of the word is used in Get a Mac advertisement campaign that run between 2006 to 2009, as well as its rival, I'm a PC campaign, that appeared on 2008.

The ignorance in the OP makes my head hurt...

awesome,. thanks for your input guys. glad to see i didn't miss anything.

kitler53 said:
awesome,. thanks for your input guys. glad to see i didn't miss anything.

You missed a lot actually...

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PC is PC and it doesn't need any exclusives. I don't mind every PC game to be ported for consoles. But when a console lose an exclusive it seems like a doomsday for console gamers.