How do you feel about being the majority/minority gamer type on VGChartz?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - How do you feel about being the majority/minority gamer type on VGChartz?

What fanbase do you identify yourself most as?

Playstation 72 36.73%
Nintendo 70 35.71%
Xbox 15 7.65%
PC 31 15.82%
Mobile (Android/iOS) 3 1.53%
Dead platform (Atari/Sega) 5 2.55%

I don't identify myself with any one fandom but on this specific forum I am seen as an Xbox guy because a lot of my closer friends are from the Xbox crowd, which is fine I suppose.

I game on every console and PC included, yeah I'm one of those guys who gets every console lol

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I'm primarily a PC gamer (i'll often go months without turning on a console i like), but being in a minority here has never really bothered me. The community is, at least in my experience, much more broadly accepting of us than any other fanbase (helped a lot by how the majority of our 'fanboys' avoid console dominated sites).

I don't really talk much about PC here though, i tend to keep that to the people who i play PC games with. Right now I mostly focus on Sony and Nintendo discussions, with occasional dabbles into Xbox topics when it's about a game i don't think will end up on PC. I wouldn't really consider myself a 'fan' of any of them though (or PC, really). I'll go wherever the games and experiences i want are. I'm not a faithful wife :p

My loyalty to a company comes not from brand name but from games. I grew up with NES and gameboy. Later turned into arcade gamer since that was a good option here. Then PC gamer. Then Playstation gamer. I feel good about liking Playstation as they have the games I want to play.

I am a playstation guy always was but i have huge love for the Neo Geo which is dead

I want more fellow Xbox fans :/

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DanRybacki said:
I want more fellow Xbox fans :/

You should post more in the Xbox Empire if you want more Xbox people to talk to!

I usually buy games on the platform I prefer to play them on whether it's PC, console or handheld. I do have a preference but I acknowledge that time and circumstances choose it for me so I'm mostly interested in it's news, but the games I enjoy are not limited under just one umbrella.

I follow Nintendo & Sony discussions, Xbox only occasionally, and I like most of the community. I really appreciate the Nintendo news because the rest of the Internet lacks it imo. Though I intensely dislike how some individuals declare their console of choice, whether it's directly or indirectly, by being highly dismissive on everything else. I like how the Vita news are mostly centered on one thread. Feels more cozy, so I can quickly see what's new neatly packaged and get out.

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I really like both PS and Xbox, so I don't really feel like I'm in a minority. Some of the things Nintendo do/lack really annoy me, but I'm a big fan of Pokemon as well.

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LudicrousSpeed said:
Still on Team Sega.

I don't mind the minority part. Sega fans were always hardcore and outnumbered.

Hm, I had you pegged as a saturn owner, were you?

I hate everything and everyone! Boo!