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Best Mario Party

Mario Party 10 7.46%
Mario Party 2 33 24.63%
Mario Party 3 21 15.67%
Mario Party 4 8 5.97%
Mario Party 5 12 8.96%
Mario Party 6 12 8.96%
Mario Party 7 9 6.72%
Mario Party 8 7 5.22%
Mario Party 9 3 2.24%
Mario Party 10 19 14.18%

Mario Party 2 was great. 4 comes in 2nd, 6 comes in 3rd because it had the best use of items.

7 had great minigames though, 8 was blah, 9 and 10 should have been a 2nd mode for a game with the original formula.

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Either 2 or 3. I had the bext memories playing those. 4 and up, it was starting to show that the series was getting a bit stale.



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I know that opinions exist, but seriously, Wii U enthusiats need to calm down on this site, whenever something related to the Wii U is on a poll is going to get votes no matter what out of sheer force of WiiU-whiteknighting.

Anyway, Mario Party 2 is the shit.

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haven't played any Mario Party game. only the Wii Party. Is it the same due to the mini games? and which MP does I have if I have a Wii U? MP 10, and 9 only?

Mario Party 2 every day of the damn year!

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Mario Party DS...
Between the poll, Mario Party 2. :D


Not Played 10.

My opinion on 2,3 and 6 are all very close hard for me to choose between 2 and 6 for my favourite, but I give it to 2.

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Haven't played 9

I like 6 the most. Good games, good creative boards and I like the items. I especially like the castaway bay board.

Currently playing 10 a lot and I think it's great! I really love the minigames, bowser mode, and all in 1 car is actually pretty fun.

8 is by far the worst. It sucks and made me not buy 9 (10 makes me now want to buy it anyway)

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Wow two people put 9? Really? And no 8? That is crazy to see 9 even up there.


All of them suck, there is no best :P

2. I've only played 1,2 and 3 though.