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Best Mario Party

Mario Party 10 7.46%
Mario Party 2 33 24.63%
Mario Party 3 21 15.67%
Mario Party 4 8 5.97%
Mario Party 5 12 8.96%
Mario Party 6 12 8.96%
Mario Party 7 9 6.72%
Mario Party 8 7 5.22%
Mario Party 9 3 2.24%
Mario Party 10 19 14.18%

Now that Mario Party 10 is out, let us all look back at what we think is the best Mario Party.


For me it is MP4 just for all the memories as a kid.


What is yours?

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Mario Party 5

For me it's a tie between Mario Party 3 and 5. Both have excellent mini-games, 3 has excellent boards (including the unique dueling mode) while 5 has excellent bonus modes (ice hockey in particular).

The first and second entries feel undeveloped, 4 feels rushed (lower mini-game quality and quantity than Mario Party 3), while my experience with 6/7 is too limited to have a fair opinion. I have many fond memories of 7 though, so if I ever owned it I'm sure it would have been a contender.

Never played 8 or 9, but I'm considering buying 10.

Mario Party 5.

I played it with my cousin today and had a blast. I just like MP5 a lot because of its minigames, boards, and extra modes.

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Why didn't this get more responses?

Based on what I've seen/played, I'd have to go with MP5. It isn't hideous like the N64 games and it doesn't have floating, generic boards like MP4.

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I'm the only fan of 7, it seems.

You fools better say Mario Party 2. 3 was good too. It was like, when 4 hit it was okay but then they started to forget that Mario Party was about strategicly planning your moves along with the fun as hell minigames. I wish they'd do a HD remake of Mario Party 2. I'd buy it day 1. Now it's like...Mario Party fun time for kids game where all of you are in the same car and everyone is a winner in some way or another. Ugh...

dunno which ones but I enjoyed them up until Gamecube, after that it was bad

Mario Party 2 took everything missing from MP1 and added it plus made the good stuff better. Everything after either copied it and watered it down, cheesed or gimmicked it up, or changed completely.

Mario Party 2, no contest.

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I voted for mario party 1, because it's the only MP where you could LOST coins in minigames.

But i liked MP2 and 3 too a lot.

Didn't really played others, except the 4 (so-so) and the 8 (bad).