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You play as a boy with a mysterious past who befriends a giant dog with wings.

Probably will never happen though.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

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A music rhythm game with a playlist from Smash Bros. 4.

A Sim City style game where you use Toads to build your very own Mushroom Kingdom. There are several types of Toads, including Builder, Soldier, Lumber Jack, Farmer, and all of them can be leveled up to get different abilities. Your goal is to build a Mushroom Kingdom from scratch that is good enough for Peach to move in, all the while defending your kingdom from attacks by Goombas, Koopas, the Koopa Kids, and eventually Bowser.

A man's cancer manifests itself into a huge monster. Along with his trusty boat, Tugger, Russel Crowe must defeat the cancer.

South Park: The Cancer

Lube Me Up


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Second person horror game (Similar to Siren Blood Curse's Sight Jack ability, except with a ton of differences that I can't describe in one sentence).

A Harvest Moon style game set in Ocarina-era Hyrule, with doppelgangers of characters from various Zelda games, and Link (and also Zelda) as a special marriage candidate.

An online multiplayer focused stealth/survival/horror game (players can scare other players with traps and illusions and the world in general is full of randomly generated jump scares programmed by the developers) where if your character dies he's deleted permanently and there are no skills or levelling so everyone is on relatively even ground and the older characters don't crush the new ones.

One day, you'll find out why they left, why they returned, why they haunt. Now, sleep well. You won't wake up the same again.

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Super Mario Bros Meets Wario Ware with the story of Shovel Knight.

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