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What would it be? (please explain in the comments)

Wii U 68 33.33%
PS4 119 58.33%
XBOX ONE 17 8.33%

The PS4. The WiiU's lack of 3rd party support would make it pretty unappealing (i couldn't go an entire generation without all the great games 3rd parties make), and the X1 is missing a lot of the more niche Japanese series i enjoy (Persona, Disgaea, etc). I'm also a big fan of FF14, which would be another selling point for the PS4.

In reality i plan on owning everything at some point though, with PC being my primary platform of choice.

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PS4, it's a no brainer really. Wii U is nice but cmon... lol

Xbox One because my friends are on it, I love the entertainment features, I love the controller, and GEARS OF WAR.

Wii U, I enjoy Nintendo franchises more than others.

PenguinZ said:
Question... Why no PC?

Because then the choice would be too obvious. #pcmasterrace?

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If I had no PC, and could only pick one console, I'd have to say PS4.

I'd get good 3rd party games, as well as great exclusives like Bloodborne. Only problem is that I won't be able to play Smash Wii U.

PS4. I can survive on PS+ games alone lol

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Easily the PS4. I already made that decision when I first bought the console since I didn't expect to get the others. Luckily I was able to get a Wii U for cheap later.

Already have a decent PC, and a Wii U to play on.

However if I couldnt keep my pc or wii u, Id be on a PS4.
I plan on getting one at some point after it drops abit in price.

Why? well the games. It has the RPGs.

No pc leaves only PS4 mosz powerful hardware and Morpheus VR headset coming there is no alternative for me if PC isnt an option