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Does anyone still use their Wii / know of anyone who uses their Wii? What do you/they play on it/use it for? Just a curiousity question!

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I am a Wii U sir.I also use the wii menu at times. I'm sure lots of people do what with the massive library of games.

I still use mine!
I own a large variety of games, and I love how it has GBA and SNES games on it (Yeah, I modded it myself ).
Nothing like playing Metroid Zero Mission on the big screen
(Also, I still play some online stuff).

Still use it for Gamecube games and Wii games. We never did the full transfer to Wii U and wipe, because I was never quite sure what we might lose for good.

Plus, it's still under guarantee, because it was repaired less than a year ago.

I use my Wii to power my sensor bar for Dolphin use. Haha.

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My sister uses a wii


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I still play it. Been playing Melee on it anyway,

Pixel Art can be fun.

I have it hooked up, but when I play a Wii game I do so on WiiU.

I never transferred my data though, I'd like everything to remain on it's original console and I heard your Wii will be whiped in the transfer process.

Yep, i still use the Wii...

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I personally still switch on the odd game of NSMB Wii or the SMG games. I also use it to entertain this 8 or 9 year old when he comes round. He's hooked on Metroid Other M xD

I just wish Nintendo had left the online servers on.