Upgraded my Xbone with a 5TB external HDD

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I haven't been gaming on my PS4 much at all so far. I've also got a 1TB exHDD laying around doing nothing for over a year now that I can dismantle and pop-in if needed.

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dane007 said:
Hiku said:
That's a nice price for it. Looks like it's 5400 rpm though. I always go with 7200 rpm.
I would also not put the device on top of something that generates heat, just in case.

I have a seagate oen liek OP has but a 3tb version and they are 7200rpm

I checked your model earlier (haven't replied to your post yet, but I'll get to it) and from what I gather yours is power cable driven and 7200 rpm. If you recall, we were talking about how USB cable driven ones generally were 5400. I was under the impression that you implied yours was USB cable driven since you didn't clarify that it was indeed power cable driven.

As for this one, I didn't look into it further than the comments at the bottom of the amazon page, where someone said its 5400 rpm. He linked to this PC mag here, that claims it's 5200: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2400958,00.asp
Perhaps they're wrong though.

I could do with that! Already had to remove several games because it was full.

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As someone with a 2TB drive in my PS4 downloading everything I can trying to fill it up and still having 1.77 TB left, good luck. That 5 gigs will last you until the Xbox 3.

Thanks jlmurph!

pbroy said:
Panama said:
Do USB powered HDDs work?

Yup, as long as it's USB 3.0.


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I havent found 500gb worth installing yet.
The other thing is, with 2gbit net deleting them and redownloading becomes a viable option

SamuelRSmith said:
pbroy said:

I use my Xbone for TV mostly and voice commanding all my entertainment, along with smartglass for an all-in-one remote. I also have an 8 way HDMI splitter. That little thing to the left of my PS4. I have it split to 3 TVs. One in the Family room, one in the living room and one in the place I spend most, the kitchen. So I can just smartglass from anywhere.

I've grown lazy of home console gaming. It's gotten too time consuming. I game mostly on my Vita these days. But when I eventually get tired of life and decide to just stay home all day, I'll have everything ready and waiting for me.

To be honest, I don't play games all that much at the moment. Not through lack of want, just don't have the time these days. I actually do the same thing, just a bit of Vita action whenever I can slide in 10-15 minutes of game time here or there.

I don't watch TV, either. Also because of lack of time, but generally because I don't watch TV at all anyways. Sucks, 'cause I signed up to a 2 year cable contract last September, must have watched about 30 minutes of TV on it. /lesigh.

I will one day get myself a really awesome entertainment setup. Even if I never use it, it'll be one of those boyhood dreams that I will achieve.

Seems like we are alike in many ways. I will one day have a movie theater like entertainment room that I've always dreamed of, just to have it. Maybe a wall full of sealed games, just to make me feel good of owning. 


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kowenicki said:


wd passport ultra, so so small and usb powered obviously.  See that tiny little thing to the right pf the xbox one.... thats it.

When I first saw that pic, I thought  you had it in a microwave. But then realized it's your entertainment center. I too have that same portable HDD. I use it as my porn drive. Was considering using it, but it probably would fill up quick for me.


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sc94597 said:

For those worried about a console taking up space, here are some 1 TB HDD's:



Loving mine so far, really love how tiny they are with so much space.

Mines blue but it's the same as this one, I should be getting another one from my local PC world next week since I've almost filled the current one.


I get worried about those little portable drives overheating.


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