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Sony Fanboys

Nintendo Fanboys 0 0.00%
MS Fanboys 3 37.50%
Apple Fanboys 1 12.50%
Ouya Fanboys 1 12.50%
Every Fanboy 3 37.50%

I'm not talking about fans, I'm a Nintendo fan but I'm not an apologist and I don't need or want to talk garbage about other systems or games just because I'm a Nintendo fan, fanboys do that kind of stuff. So in your opinion, which fanboys are the worst. Say it, just say it.

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The ones who buy a console to gloat about 1080p.
Pretty useless thread, everyone will just tell you all fanboys are the worst.

Xenoblade Chronicles's.


*Stares at Conegamer*

These threads always pop up every month or so, and they always end up (very) badly.

Gonna be proactive about this one though. Locking. ^_^