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Blur Studio gives us a glimpse of what the end-of-generation graphics on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might look like--especially once developers manage to optimize their games for the systems as well as they did with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 a generation ago. 

Their latest release, a short video called Angel Stone, evokes a whole lot of Final Fantasy (especially Final Fantasy XV and Type-0 HD) and a bit of Hellgate: London, which comes as no surprise given that they're responsible for all the CGI trailers that went into the making of Hellgate: London almost a decade ago. It's even got the same blue/grey tones. 

There's a very good chance that games will look every bit as good as Angel Stone in two to three years time. 

Angel Stone from Blur Studio on Vimeo.


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The order already looks better than that in real-time, so I hopefully would expect more in year 5 & 6
But it looks nice, and shiny

EDIT: then again this is running off a web video so I dunno

I just want blur to make a movie

The Order says hello.

If that's the case, then i'm not worried if the next Nintendo console is only a small amount more powerful than the PS4. Nintendo knows how to optimize their games (See: Mario Kart 8) so games will still look amazing.


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what... what about the wiiu!?

Changed the title to include Xbox One since its mentioned in the OP.

Looks very nice! Will be interested to see what game makes it to those levels first.

the order already achieved this type of visuals (or even better to be honest) now all we need is better games with this type of visuals.

So this is what PC games looked like in 2007. It's always nice to have a look back :)

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There are already better looking games.