Uncharted 4 is out, let's try to predict the GOTY again?

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Who will take this?

The Legend of Zelda U 96 33.68%
Xenoblade Chronicles X 18 6.32%
Halo 5 19 6.67%
Forza 6 1 0.35%
Bloodborne 29 10.18%
Persona 5 10 3.51%
Metal Gear Solid 5 56 19.65%
The Witcher 3 21 7.37%
Batman Arkham Knight 25 8.77%
Another game 10 3.51%

Great. That means Uncharted will be going against Metroid U (we all know this is being worked on) and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (which I feel like will hold out its own)

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The new call of duty or the new assassins creed.


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My top 3

2. The new Zelda game
3. Batman AK

I'll go with MGS PP

I wanna say Batman but I think MGS V is taking it this year.

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Fallout 4.....please.... let it be this year.

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Well, it's happening as expected.
Without Uncharted to compete Zelda is really dominating now.
MGS is coming as a strong second option but still too far from Zelda.
And Bloodborne and Batman fighting for the third place, with Bloodborne ahead.

Exactly what I was expecting xD

Seems like the general concensus is Zelda, MGS and Bloodborne as the top 3 here.

Arkham Knight or Phantom Pain

I think MGS5 will likely score most of them but almost all of these titles will win one. Especially in their demographic area.

You are basically asking which games will end up in the 90 percentile aggregated score, as those are the game usually put into the running.

Zelda will score ridiculously high, maybe more than it deserves but it will be a great game that will be ignored by the "hardcore" monopolized by PS4/XBO crowd anyway.

MGSV.....idk, I can't shake the feeling this is going to be a disappointment. This is the 3rd/4th prequel, and it is getting kind of nauseating at least for me. They have now stretched the Big Boss Story arch paper thin and they are just grasping at straws to keep the series alive due to it being Konami's biggest money draw. I am thinking this game is going to fall just short of perfection (89%)

Persona 5. This series has had a considerable amount of anticipation and a big gap between its last main release that it will probably feel the freshest. Persona 4/Golden is the highest rated JRPG in like the last 10years. Sure, its fanbase is niche but it is debuting during prime time and it will be getting massive exposure.




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