Can Uncharted 4 Hit 9mil+ Lifetime in Sales?

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Can Uncharted 4 Hit 9mil+ Lifetime in Sales?


*Im using the 9mil figure because 1) People think it can hit 10mil, so 9mil seems fair 2)Uncharted with PS4 looks to smash records and will undoubtedly have huge legs the entire generation 3) 7mil+ seems like a given, 8mil+ is doable!

*Uncharted Series is HUGE (6mil+ sellers on ps3 each)

*Naughty Dawg (became Super popular, considered 1 of the top notch gaming developers)

*Did I metion Its on PS4?


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It's possible, it'll certainly be the best selling uncharted that's for sure.

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Think it can pass the 9 million.

It sure will especially if it's bundled like U2 and U3 were.

I don't see why not.

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Can? Sure!
It will? Depend... I'm go with 7,500,000, but i'm not surprisd if will pass 10M mark.


UC2 & 3 only passed 6m because of mass bundling, not because it's very popular series. Just look at Google Trends or how relatively small the Facebook fan pages are compared to other popular franchises. Even TLoU would've just scraped past 6m on PS3 without bundling.

So again, no (unless it turns out as amazing as TLoU & they bundle it to the Andromeda galaxy and back).

Sony will probably end up packing this in with every PS4 at some point, so yes.


The PS5 Exists. 

Yes, I can see it doing something around 9M.

I still think the same as back when Sony teased it at E3.
So yes, 9.1M was my guess.