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Would you pay 50 dollars for a really good blowjob? I mean, if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. that's how subjectivity works, and honestly, I really liked The Order. I agree it was "Too short" (that's what she said), but only because it felt like act 1 in a 3-act story, not because it was only 8 hours.

Portal 2 was only 8 hours and that was one of my favorite games in 2011...and it was competing with Skyrim!

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No, but i would maybe pay 50 euros for a 10 hours game.

o: The Order will never die... I don't think this is a good way to look at pricing for a game. I'm not sure what a good way of pricing is, but it shouldn't be based on length. Most people would likely agree that around 40 USDs would be a better and more acceptable price for the Order, due to its controversial length.



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Ugh. I thought it was an actually interesting thread. Very clickbaity.

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Lafiel said:
Legend11 said:

No?  I'm right there with you which is why I'm getting tired of all the people defending The Order: 1886.  In my opinion $10/hour of gameplay is simply an unacceptable value proposition for gaming.  If the game had come out at a much more reasonable $20-$25 the game wouldn't have received even half the amount of hate that is has.  So the next time you see someone defending this game just ask them the question: "Would you pay $1000 for a 100 hour game?" and get them to explain why $10/hour of gameplay is worth fighting for.

I haven't played The Order, but Vanquish is a 5h game, Metal Gear Rising a 6h game, both were great

bingo, enjoyed both those games as well, it doesn't matter how short the game is, as long as the player enjoyed then it's of no concern the length of the game

EDIT: looking at you game on your profile it seems you don't even own a PS4...so...why try to bash a game you don't even own?

if true the next thread should be why bash games you don't own/played?

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$1000... Maybe... If it was hands down the best Zelda game ever.

Portal 1 is only 3-5 hours.
Portal 2 is only 6-8 hours
Donkey Kong Country is about 3-5 hours, tops (all three of them)
Super Mario World is maybe a 4-6 hour game
Super Mario Bros. 3 is maybe 2-3 hours

Length is not directly tied to quality. Fun, however, is.

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Bloodborne, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls III

Depends on the game. $60 for an 8 hour game isn't bad if the game is really fun.


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As I just said in another forum. It is hilarious what people grab onto with having any context. I remeber my parents paying $74.99 at Fred Meyers for True Lies and Super Star Wars on the SNES. Niether game could have been any longer than 4 hours, but I must have played them 50 times each. $59.99 for The Order 1886 in todays dollars is an absolute steal, escpecially when you consider that back then (1994) my Dad was making $6.75 an hour, and today we both make ~$40 an hour.

Then consider the fact that back then retailers would not budge on price. I saw games sit on the shelf for years without going below that $74.99 price tag. Now days, I see deals on PSN/XBL, and at the local stores where games are half price within a month or two from launch, and there is almost constantly a BOGO or a buy 2 get 1 free deal going on somewhere.

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If each of those 100 hours is as carefully crafted as each of the 8 hours of The Order, yes.