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JRPGfan said:
"$10/hour of gameplay"

is too much.
Anyone remember the good old days of ps2 games?
Most of those have 100+ hours in them, if you go about doing everything you can in them.

Not sure why 6-8hours of total gameplay has become acceptable.

Games used to be atleast 50+ hours, gameplay wise.
Im not happy with the trend of games suddenly becomeing 1/5th of what they used to be.

As your name suggests, you must've been playing a lot of RPGs back then, because there's plenty of games in the PS2 library that last 6-8 hours.

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CHEAP mobile gaming is the best choice for CHEAPO gamers...

Runa216 said:
Would you pay 50 dollars for a really good blowjob? I mean, if you enjoy it, you enjoy it. that's how subjectivity works, and honestly, I really liked The Order. I agree it was "Too short" (that's what she said), but only because it felt like act 1 in a 3-act story, not because it was only 8 hours.

Portal 2 was only 8 hours and that was one of my favorite games in 2011...and it was competing with Skyrim!

As hilarious and weird this example is, the point made here is strong. 

But seriously this debate should be buried already. There's a lot of non sense thrown by these "dollar/time" supporters. 

why would i? I get 80 hour Zelda‘s with soundtrack CD and golden Zelda Wiimote for 60.

I wouldn't buy a $1000 game even if it looked exactly like real life, had unlimited play time, and somehow allowed you to feel, smell, and taste things in-game.

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HokageTenshi said:
CHEAP mobile gaming is the best choice for CHEAPO gamers...

True, but not the best VALUE for gamers who like VALUE in their games.

You know, I have no problem with short games, if they're good. I'll buy a game that's an hour long. But, I'm no fool, and my life isn't so dull that I swoop in and buy every game day one... I like long games. I like short games. But, I will buy a long game day 1, and I'll buy a short game used later, for $20. So, either way, I get value in everything I buy.just gotta be smart, not desperate.

Just because we are in a new generation, doesn't mean I buy any piece of over hyped crap to come out for it. The ps360 still have tons of games I never played, and if the new gen doesn't have anything worthy, then I look elsewhere. Really simple, really.

Uh....no. My top 4 games in steam got me 776 hours so far, and at today's prices, they cost $95 total. I don't know what I paid, but I usually buy things during sales because I just can't resist. I've probably got over 1000 hours from $100 of purchases. Flip that around, and I'd be paying 100x the money per hour of gameplay. No thank you.

LudicrousSpeed said:
There are many bigger problems with The Order than length.

Look at the new Wolfenstein. That's the marketing and release style The Order needed. But I think Sony badly needed to recoup something for the five years they spent building this engine and game.

I think Wolfenstein is a solid example of what The Order could have been.

Depending on play style, it is anywhere from 2-4 times the length of The Order, and has a tangibly different alternate storyline, meaning you've genuine incentive to replay the whole thing.

I have not yet played The Order as rental is not easily available in Australia, but by most accounts Wolfenstein's story is a lot better too. That said, it isn't as pretty on consoles (but of course, a high end PC negates that).

I also cannot for the life of me understand all these people that specifically talk about The Order, and then go on to utter a variation of "I'd rather play a short and fun game than a long boring game." I take issue with this for two reasons. The first is that by many accounts, The Order is a short, boring game, not a short, fun game. The second reason is more important. The rest of us are not playing long, boring games. We're playing long, fun games.

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sure, if a dev manages to deliver a xenosaga type story with ffxv type tech.