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No?  I'm right there with you which is why I'm getting tired of all the people defending The Order: 1886.  In my opinion $10/hour of gameplay is simply an unacceptable value proposition for gaming.  If the game had come out at a much more reasonable $20-$25 the game wouldn't have received even half the amount of hate that is has.  So the next time you see someone defending this game just ask them the question: "Would you pay $1000 for a 100 hour game?" and get them to explain why $10/hour of gameplay is worth fighting for.

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Lol, will it ever get old? I dunno but it's funny.

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I agree to an extent. 50$ would have been better of them. Im on the EU so I got it on my psn usa account. It worked out at just €40 for me. I got my value for money anyway.

Can we stop with the Order threads. and plus its longer than 6 hours its like 8

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for 1000 you can get a lot of hours by buying different games

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Um, nope, not going to spend that much on just one game... There are games that I logged over 100 hours but did not even pay more than $40.

Also, it depends if the game is good.. I'm not going to play a mediocre or boring game for 100 hours.

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I'd pay 50 bucks for a 10 minute game. If those 10 minutes are really fun and repeat over and over, it would be worth it...

Hell the Halo series is the same 10 minutes over and over.

Loll true dat! Heck, XCX is supposed to give us 300 hours worth of gameplay for $60 :P

But seriously, all these threads are nonsense


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Why do that when I can pay $60 for a 300 hour game?

The price:value of The Order is higher than the price:value of buying a bluray film here in the UK, and nobody seems to care about that, a bluray film is like £15-20 here, that's roughly two hours of entertainment, whereas for £40 I can get 6-8 or however long The Order is... so yeah, it's worth it to me.