What is your most anticipated indie game of 2015?

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Shovel Knight and Mighty No.9 for PS4
Plenty others Im interested in too that have already been listed here.

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Since Im a backer, I kinda have to say Mighty No.9.

No man's sky and will probably be one of the only indies I buy this year excluding free ps plus indies.

Edge of eternity. 

Just noticed how is '15 only... Hmm then..


Ori and the Blind Forest


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b00moscone said:

Hello! As you all probably know, every year a lot of indie games are funded, developed, and of course, released to the public. This thread is going to discuss your most anticipated indie games that will be coming out this year, from PC to Wii U to Vita, any indie game you can think of, and it would also be cool if you explained why it is your most anticipated indie game of this year.

Personally, mine is probably Strengh of the Sword Ultimate (video: https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/1546304/video-478761-h264_high.mp4), a game coming to PC, Wii U, Vita, Ps4 and Xbox One. The reason i'm pretty hyped for this game is because its sort of a fighter/brawler with a lot of different tactics and play styles, gamemodes and co-op, plus a lot fo different weapons and factions to choose from, and a lot more, i reccomend you check out the kickstarter page for it if you want to find out more info on it.

Now post yours! :D

Edit: Feel free to say DLC for games, as long as it is a substantial DLC or one that changes up the gameplay of its original game.

the video doesnt work

Too many, too difficult to narrow down. Since I backed it, I'll vote for Adventures of Pip.

No man's sky.

Pillars of Eternity. Nothing else compares.

Definitely Mighty No. 9, loved the classic Mega Man games and I'm glad to see them being revived

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