What is your most anticipated indie game of 2015?

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Hotline Miami 2. Can't wait to die over and over again.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

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Either Mighty No. 9 or Rime, both don't actually have official release dates yet but hopefully one or both comes out sometime this year.

Honestly I can't decide from Tomorrow Children, Rime & No Man's Sky!

No Man's Sky.

Affordable Space Adventures looks very cool, and of course Mighty Number 9 and Hyperlight Drifter.


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Easily Rime

Holy moly.... let me put it like this:

Games I will definitely buy no matter what might happen review wise:

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The tomorrow children

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Games I´m totally looking forward to and will probably buy:
Ori and the blind forest

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A hat in time

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Mighty No. 9

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Now there are many other great games that I can´t remember right now and probably even more I have never heard about....however I think these games I listed are all pretty much awesome and all hold the potential to turn their devs into big time game devs.

EDIT: Finally managed to friggin embed the videos...

Yup...RO friggin rocked  

Rime looks to be very promising to me, could be great game.

Bastion ps4

Runner ups:
Everybody's gone to the rapture

Vanishing of Ethan Carter ps4

No mans sky

Shovel knight ps4

games I'm jealous of that are (timed) exclusive to XBO:

Inside, Cuphead, Ori. Maybe also Below (tho I know very little about it)?