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Euphoria14 said:

Glad to hear it. I enjoyed the heck out of it and can't wait for the story to continue.


Was also nice to have a game that wasn't just mindless action majority of the way through and full of cheesy dialogue and poor voice acting like we usually see in shooter based games. To me it was very refreshing.

Mind you I haven't played through The Last of Us. That is probably somewhat similar in terms of a more serious storyline, but for some reason I keep putting that game down and never going back. Crazy, I know!

TLOU is a very very very good game and i highly recommend it as well. One of my favorite games this gane , mainly due to the storyline and the character development developement and the interacton between the main ones.

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Intrinsic said:
I think the problem with the order isnt what it is, but rather what it could have been.

same (stupid) critique as destiny then..

I have to agree, the game is outstanding!  Took me 18 hours to get the Platinum.  Seriously, I had a blast with this game.  Everything about it screamed high production values.  Don't listen to the haters.  They are entitled to their opinions in which I completely disagree with.  Dualshockers had a fantastic review.  Glad you are enjoying it.  Can't wait to see where they go with the story in the 1887 sequel.

mjk45 said:

Is it just me or does the game seem to have a stiffness about it , also there was this sense of  playing strictly by a set of rules set out by the developer , this was evident in the way most of the interesting weapons where doled out , I acccept that there is a certain need for that approach in regards to set peices but most good games disguise it better than the Order , I just couldn't escape the notion that I was being led through a game rather than playing through one .

Having said that I like a lot of gamers want a sequel , because for all it's flaws there is a great base to work with ,  if they learn by listening to justified critique .,or will that critique be over powered by all the controversy

Yeah, that was a feeling I got as well. Everything about it from the story to the gameplay screams, "Sequel!" I hope sales are good enough that they get the chance to make one because I'm sure they could do a lot better next time.

Is Galahad's mustache better than Sully's mustache? Naughty Dog set the mustache bar pretty high.....

Either way, I will likely buy this game this weekend.

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From what I've gathered this is a somewhat flawed game with some significant redeeming features. Sure it's garnered a little bit of hate but this is par for the course for any exclusive that isn't unequivocally excellent.

I would consider that if 'our' concept of a review system, as represented by Metacritic over the past few years, wasn't completely broken, a 6-7/10 game should be one that a number of people will still find significantly enjoyable.  That seems to be the case here.

So maybe just maybe the reviews actually got it 'right' this time?

PwerlvlAmy said:
Samus Aran said:

It's an average game, so when so many people defend it there's obviously going to be backlash. This game has gotten far more attention than it deserves. And that's both the fault of the "haters" and "lovers". It seems there are a lot of people out there who only love it because it's on a Sony platform and vice versa (hate it because it's on a Sony platform).

Ready at Dawn should stick to handhelds. Maybe Nintendo should hire them to make a game/remake. They might learn a thing or two.

you hit the nail on the head right there. I think there are badnwagon haters towards this game, but at the same time,there are bandwagon defenders of it too. It's one of those things where both sides are making the legit people who dislike the game and legit people who like the game,look bad D:

I'll take bandwagon defenders who have actually played the game and know what they're talking about over bandwagin haters who never had an intention of owning the game and simply hate it either because it's a major Sony exclusive or because they don't like the genre/cinematic experiences. Calling it "garbage" just because it has qte's or cutscenes is as wrong as calling a racing game bad for having cars. If it's not for you, then move along (I'm speaking in general, not referring to you). Let the people who actually enjoy the genre explain why they liked or didn't like it.

Looks like your taste is not as sophisticated as your average video game critic.

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d21lewis said:
Is Galahad's mustache better than Sully's mustache? Naughty Dog set the mustache bar pretty high.....

Either way, I will likely buy this game this weekend.

They're both outmatched by DK. :p

You liked the game? Good for you then.

But it's fun how people tries to convince others that they will enjoy the game too when what the game offers is very clear and knowing that, people can also know if they're going to like it or not.