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Do you agree that there is a link between fanboys and poverty?

Yes 45 53.57%
No 37 44.05%
Undecided 2 2.38%
PieToast said:

Console wars is politics for 12 year olds

So politics =P

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Most wealthy people I know are fanboys.

Some are Apply fanboys, some are Microsoft fanboys (which would include their consoles), and others are car manufacturer fanboys....

Fanboys are in every social class, every income level, and is why branding exists.

I would argue that the opposite is closer to the truth. Spoiled children of all ages fuse to one big entity on this issue, and the reason why is quite simple:

Self-entitlement. Though they are wealthy, that doesn't mean that their resources are infinite. They need money for their iPads, Smartphones, desktops, clothes and other hobbies. Because of this, they only wish to invest in one or maybe two video game consoles at a time. This makes them equal to people of lesser wealth in this respect. As a result, their only option to still get a sense of superiority in the console wars is to reduce the consoles that they do not own and refer to them as a waste of time and money; while at the same time referring to their owners as creatures of lesser worth unwilling to see the truth.

I love war. Does that mean that I'm poor or just a bad person? haha

Of course there are links!

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for as silly and such as this is... I think there is some truth to it

if people had more disposable income to buy other consoles, they might be more inclined to try those consoles instead of hating on them and adamantly defending their own purchasing decisions (people put their pride on the line when it comes to these decisions and in doing so can become "fanboys" because they don't want to be made out to be "dumb" for choosing an inferior system)

of course this only applies to some people, there are all sorts out there and there are a lot of factors, just saying that money might be one of them

well considering how many people i seen say i pirate cause im poor over the years I think there is some sort of link lol.

One thing I will 100% agree with you is that once you own all the consoles these stupid arguments are pointless. Really relaxing place to be in.



There is not necessarily any connection between owning one console and being poor.
I and many other gamers could buy every console and every first party game, but my PS4 and Vita fully satisfy my gaming needs.


And just see how much money Apple fanboys are wasting on new (i)devices every year.

Don't copy random editorials.

Bristow9091 said:
Dusk said:
The fact that you have to comment "this is not a serious thread" shows it is quite likely boarderline and probably shouldn't have been done as it is in poor taste.

Quick question: What did you expect when you saw the thread title?

Someone legitimately trying to rationalize the irrational.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

I doubt there's as much of a link as you may think. I think if someone is in poverty, any game console is probably going to be the greatest thing ever.

I can afford all consoles and in the past I've had PS3 and Wii, but sold them both because all I played was Xbox 360. Today all I play is Xbox One. Although, I'm definitely feeling the pull towards a PS4 with games like Bloodborne on the horizon. One console typically satisfies my gaming needs, but we'll see what comes out this year.