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morenoingrato said:
Captain_Yuri said:
Water Levels, in every game

I want to second this.

Actually, to expand upon this.

Water in 2D Mario? Lame.

Water in 3D Mario? Annoying.

Water in Zelda? Super Shitty.

Water in Monster Hunter 3? The WORST.

Water in Sonic? Ugh.

Water in DK Country? THE WORST.

Water is only nice when it is an aesthetic element.

@Bold: Probably the worst part about the game. 

Though I do think that in Super Mario World, underwater levels were fine.  

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Thought of another one.

Jak 2 sewer escort

Slade6alpha said:
Thought of another one.

Jak 2 sewer escort

I bet you're like me. I know there have been loads but I can only think of a few! 

JWeinCom said:
Levels? What do you mean? Oh... like how in old games they would continuously change environments and mechanics to keep things fresh?

Anyway, Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, Tarzan in Kingdom Hearts, Little Big World in Mario 64, Sky Land in Super Mario Bros 3, Triforce Hunt in Wind Waker.

It can be a level like that or in some modern games a mission or just 1 particular section of a game 

Acevil said:
Minecart or Rocket Riding levels in DKCR

Oh yes, this.  As great as the Donkey Kong Country games are, I really could have done without the minecart levels.  Those sucked.  I also hated that level where you had to continuously refuel the moving platform or it would fall and kill you.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6qVI2xsA10

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Every Fire Emblem I've played has at least one desert level, and they always have a habit of hiding rare items in select spaces. In order to get the items, you need to have someone with high luck stand in the exact right spot. Which means that you have to look in a guide if you realistically want to find them. I'm not a big fan of looking at guides, and hated having to plan my strategy around making people stand on certain spots when there was fighting to be done, so those levels always annoyed me.

Also, not really a level exactly, but I found the dungeon exploration in Persona 4 to be extremely tedious. It was a shame, because I loved the rest of the game. I just found myself hooked on the game when I had story sections to watch or social links to advance, but leaving the game sit for a while when I had to brave a dungeon.

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Kerotan said:

We all have a long list of games we adore.  But were there any levels in these great games that you absolutely hated? A level that was down right shit,  made you almost rage quit or just completely broke the flow of the game and made you go WTF. 


One for me was a level in battlefield 3 where you had to snipe a guy escaping in a car.  If you missed you had to go back like 2 mins and try again. I gave up trying to do it after 20 attempts and only completed it like a year later when I went back.  


So what levels did you hate in games you loved? 

Pretty much all or most of the secret levels on Mario Bros Sunshine. Years later I still have'nt finished that game!

I think it's challenge of the gods in god of war 2. It's the last challenge where you have to keep killing enemies on a small platform to make it rise high enough to jump to another and complete it. The problem is the enemies that spawn are annoying pricks and can knock you off it so easily. It's cruel the way you can see the platform above after a short time because you think you are almost there when you're not.

I'm sure over the various god of wars there have been many of those challenge levels that people despise. The psvita god of wars were the only one with easy enough challenges m

Mah'habara subterra in Final Fantasy XIII i want to see the light dammit!