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GTA V exclusive to Wii U - How would it have affected your console purchase?

Xbox One owner - Would have purhcased Wii U 10 4.48%
Playstation 4 owner - Wou... 22 9.87%
Wii U owner - Heading to eShop as we speak 101 45.29%
Xbox 360 owner - Now plan... 4 1.79%
Playstation 3 owner - Now... 7 3.14%
Wii owner - Now planning to purchase Wii U 12 5.38%
Non Wii U owner - Not pla... 61 27.35%
PC Owner - Now planning to purchase Wii U 6 2.69%


Let us say, hypothetically, that Rockstar made Grand Theft Auto 5 exclusively for the Wii U.  Being that it is currently one of the best selling games of all time, would it affect which hardware you purchased.  Let's say on average you only buy one console per generation.  I am curious to see just how much of an influence this game has on the decisions people make.  I included the most likely scenarios in the poll.  Let me know if I left your segment out.

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I think it would have sold a lot of hardware cause a) GTA is huge and b) It would have shown Nintendos commitment to third party in a big way


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Changed the thread title so it's not so...ambiguous.

I don't think it would make too much of a difference at this point.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Thanks Cone....However, could it read "exclusive"?  I was busy making a poll

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Something like that is effectively what Nintendo would need to do in order to dig out of the reputation that you never (barring important exceptions like Monster Hunter) buy 3rd party games on Nintendo systems. GTA, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, mainline Final Fantasy, or Assassin's Creed. They would have to moneyhat one of those, and it would cost them a bundle to do so. Anything less than exclusive and it won't matter; people will buy it for other systems because that's where they're used to buying such games.

Well, timed exclusive could do it too, if you gave Nintendo platforms one Q4 with one of those games as an exclusive.

Actually now that i say that, it makes the third party conundrum seem more solvable.

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I would have bought a Wii U (as I did anyway) I still would have ended up selling it though, so no difference there.

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Hypothetically, if GTA is exclusive ,would it affect which hardware i purchased. GTA, Resident Evil, Street fighter, Monster Hunter, MGS, FF, COD,ST battlefront, MK. are best selling, they would make too much of a difference. Example MH exclusive 3DS or SF exclusive PS4

It will sell more Wii U, but not by much if N°/R* don't publicizes...

I honestly don't think it would matter unless Nintendo would spend the big marketing bucks, which they would never do.

Here is the thing people are missing...
GTA V released in 2013.
Now if GTA V was a wii u exclusive and had a bundle it would have obviously raised sales.
Now here is the main thing though, it would have brought in a new audience to wii u.
The same audience who plays cod, ac, batman, fifa, other sports etc.
Since you are bringing them in with GTA V, that would have boosted hardware sales.
Now here is the other thing since this new group came and bought a wii u to buy GTA V what else would they have bought?
Oh I remember COD Ghosts and AC4 came to wii u that year.
This would have caused an uptick for those type of games in sales.
We may have had 1 million seller AC's and cod's.
So yes I think that if gta V was hypothetically exclusive to wii u then it would have not only boosted hardware sales pretty well but also your AAA software sales(cod, ac, batman, hell even zelda).


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