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Would you back Playstation Crowdfunding?

Yes 32 54.24%
No 21 35.59%
Maybe, So 6 10.17%
vivster said:
Angelus said:
It would set a pretty dangerous precedent to tell the larger game publishers that we're willing to fund their games for them. We already fork over enough cash for games and DLC as it is.

Doesn't matter how "large" you are. Crowdfunding is for people who don't have money. I haven't seen that stuff anywhere near Sony lately.

Haha touche

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I would only crowdfund a new game idea that I believe wouldn't get made without my crowdfunding that I want to play.

I would never crowdfund some old IP getting a new rehash.

In my opinion crowd funding is for smaller teams looking to do something that they wouldn't have the means to do otherwise. Sony is a big corporation, so no, I wouldn't support it.

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After seeing what's happening with KS,ea and greenlight I'd say nope, I'd have none of that.


It's one thing to crowdfund an indie. Crowdfunding is the concept of risk-capital for projects the usual risk-capital doesn't work. An indie-gamedoesn't get risk-capital, as they are a too small company. Crowdfunding works. If Sony crowdfunds something, the question can be asked: why don't they give the risk-capital to develop the game in the first place? Sony is a big company, they do have the cash in difference to indies. That would raise all sorts of alarm, I would be very sceptical about such an project.

By the way, don't expect AAA-games with crowdfunding, the capital raised this way is much less, than AAA-budgets.

EDIT: My argument against this works as well for Microsoft and Nintendo, it has nothing to do with Sony/Playstation per se. Only with big companies vs. indies.

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if i can back with psn credit, sure.