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Platina said:

 Too bad this was censored in the west :P


Ugh, right? Damn NoA. This shot isn't even that bad. It's essentially the same one as Chrom's.

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The DLC for this game is completely overpriced so I kind of pretended it didn't exist. I wouldn't mind playing it but it would cost as much as the full game to get it all.

Hmm.... Mixed reactions, I see. Keep the posts coming. I really appreciate it.

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I bought the EXP map because I thought that way I might be motivated enough to beat the grindy Lunatic difficulty. I still couldn't be bothered to do it.

Anyway, the DLC is ridiculously overpriced. The base game comes with 50 maps, so that's less than $1 per map; nevermind that you get a story and all that too. Paying $2-3 for 5-10 minutes of extra content is too much. The price/value ratio looks even more insane when you compare it to Hyrule Warriors where a $8 pack gives you 20-30 hours of additional playtime.

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Skullwaker said:

Platina said:

 Too bad this was censored in the west :P


Ugh, right? Damn NoA. This shot isn't even that bad. It's essentially the same one as Chrom's.

Indeed, we people of PAL missed out on the splendor that is Tharjas ass. DISGRACEFUL!!!

But back on topic. As much of the FE fan that I am I skipped on the DLC simply because of the price. Luckily Nintendo DLC has gotten a tad batter since then.

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I'm waiting for a pricedrop on the DLC. Maybe when the new FE is approaching, Nintendo may make a special offer, 10-15 € for all the DLC. As it is, it's overpriced.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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I didn't touch any of the DLC. Waiting for all of it bundled for a reasonable price.


I bought the experience and gold maps... Made the game super easy...

You don't need the DLC. Doing any of the DLC stuff before you complete game can buff you and make rest of game less challenging, so I actually recommend against the DLC.

After you have finished the game, you can get the DLC if you just want to partake in some expensive fan service content.

I bought two DLC.
- Prince Marth. Because I like Marth.
- The one that gives you the Limit Breaker skill. (Increases all stat caps by 10)
I felt I needed the Limit Breaker for some of my characters in order to get their Luck up to 50, so that they can use Armsthrift without fail, and so that I can equip them with legendary weapons without wasting their durability.
In particular, I wanted it for Cordelia, because I wanted her to use Gradvius (a 1-2 ranged spear).

I do feel the DLC prices are overpriced though. I considered getting the packs, or getting the specific ones I wanted. in th end I went with the specific ones I wanted, since I only wanted these two. There are some with interesting scenes, but I watched them on youtube instead, because too expensive. =/