Prediction: Nothing will outsell PSP anymore (except Playstation home consoles)

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The 3DS is on the verge of outselling the PSP in Japan.

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I think the next Nintendo handheld can outsell the PSP.

The Wii and the DS already outsold the PSP. Moving on...

I believe is time for a bump. :D

Switch release in March 2017, we know something thanks the Emily, Laura, and EG leaks, but we will know all in January 2017.
Before that, i think we can start to considering if Switch will outsell PSP.

I'm optimist on Nintendo Switch, and not only me, even Gamestop who confirmed the demand is already high, and that's before the January event. Launch will be interesting to watch, as well the years to come.

xbox one will sell 200m or more units, because of the generation less family of devices model

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Yeah, this prediction will fail hard.

"The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must" - Thoukydides

Anything can happen.

Not only do I think the Switch will outsell it, (and by a comfortable margin too)

But depending on its legs, the 3DS might even have a chance.

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Nintendo Switch in Japan (Media Create): 2018 vs. 2019

PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch: 2018 vs. 2019

I like your optimism Alki, but don't waste the necrobump until the Switch actually outsells the PSP

Bet with bluedawgs: I say Switch will outsell PS4 in 2018, he says PS4 will outsell Switch. He's now permabanned, but the bet will remain in my sig.

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While I still think 3DS has a very very slim chance, either way, it's definitely best for the video games industry as a whole that what you said is not a thing.