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So after i saw many people complaint about the campaign length on The Order 1886, i came to conclusion to compare this third person shooter games with the same genre, yup " Gears of Wars" , my first step was going to my friend house yesterday who have Xbox 360, so both me and my friend were  trying  complete the game, because both of us experience player we finished fast , my friend played on hardcore difficulty under 6-7 hours off course he had more experience then me, and i  played for 5-6 hours on casual level and it was the second time i played the game on the same level .So that's was surprising fast.

So i don't see the logical reason why many people complaint The Order 1886 12 hours campaign length while Gears of War have the same but less hours length?

and have you play the game until finish??? the answer you know already the quality of games is not judge by how long the game is, is judge by how good the gameplay is depending on people opinion.


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Hmm... it's hard to explain, but Gears of War focuses more on gameplay, I guess? To be clear, I don't care about length if the game is entertaining, something that Gears clearly is. I dunno about The Order, but... yeah, I'm done here, a bomb is going to explode.

Games in general are short with the exception of some genres. This game is just an easy target due to the incriminating shit the devs keep saying. They should just keep their mouths shut.

This is getting bad lol. Just buy the game if you feel you'll get your money's worth

My understanding was the order was 7 hours long, not 12. Also, gears had multiplayer to keep people playing. Not saying the haters are right to hate since they haven't played it, but gears had a bit more going for it with the multiplayer...

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Doesn't Gears of War have multiplayer?

I'm gonna keep a counter for how many more threads are made regarding this.

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GOW is pure gameplay plus cool multiplayer, we'll have to see if the order can be a GOOD short experience.

-The Order is not 12 hours, is around 6 and there was video proof of it

-The Order is 6 hours with 3 hours being cut scenes and 1 hour being QTEs events, thats only 2 hours of gameplay

-Gears has Coop and Competitive Multiplayer

12 hours??? I thought it was 7? (4-5 without the cutscenes I think)


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