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Aj_habfan said:
400 pounds.

 eh...wrong thread. 

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super_etecoon said:
epsilon72 said:
Doesn't having good mile times indicate that you have good endurance, rather than speed?

As a cross country runner I always considered the mile a sprint. I guess it depends on your perspective.

I guess I think that way because I've never had good endurance with running. I could run really fast, but only for a short distance (1/4 of a mile or less, or something like that)


CaptainPrefrences said:
100 m dash in 8 seconds

if you know what a beep test is, i got 12.9 on that.

pretty good for a keeper eh?

Yeah, its incredible, since the world record for 100 m dash is 9.74 seconds.

Blank? Blank.

I'm fast......but it just depends on what I'm getting chased by.


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super_etecoon said:
Aj_habfan said:
400 pounds.

eh...wrong thread.

 I think Aj is having a bit of a chuckle cos he put his speed in the other thread.  At least i hope he is......

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1009.74Asafa Powell (Jamaica)Rieti, Italy9/09/07
20019.32Michael Johnson (US)Atlanta, Georgia8/01/96
40043.18Michael Johnson (US)Seville, Spain8/26/99
8001:41.11Wilson Kipketer (Denmark)Cologne, Germany8/24/97
10002:11.96Noah Ngeny (Kenya)Rieti, Italy9/05/99
15003:26.00Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco)Rome, Italy7/14/98
Mile3:43.13Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco)Rome, Italy7/07/99
20004:44.79Hicham El Guerrouj (Morocco)Berlin, Germany9/07/99
Steeplechase7:53.63Saïf Shaheen (Qatar)Brussels, Belgium9/03/04
30007:20.67Daniel Komen (Kenya)Rieti, Italy9/01/96
500012:37.35Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)Hengelo, Holland5/31/04
10,00026:17.53Kenenisa Bekele (Ethiopia)Brussels, Belgium8/26/05
20,00056:25.98Haile Gebrselassie (Ethiopia)Ostrava, Czech Republic6/27/07
Hour21,101m (13M,193y)Arturo Barrios (Mexico)La Flèche, France3/30/91
25,0001:13:55.8Toshihiko Seko (Japan)Christchurch, New Zealand3/22/81
30,0001:29:18.8Toshihiko Seko (Japan)Christchurch, New Zealand3/22/81
110 Hurdles12.88Xiang Liu (China)Lausanne, Switzerland7/11/06
400 Hurdles46.78


Here are the world records if you want to compare people here see what percentage of the world record they have acheived.

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ioi + 1

mile 5:16
2 mile 11:30
5k(3.2 miles) 18:51

I'm a sophmore in highschool and i'm in track and cross country

When I was in High School I use to run the 100 meters in 13 seconds flat.

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I'm not too sure about times and all that but back in school from about grade 7 to grade 12 i was always able to keep up to all the fast kids when playing sports. I could never run the long distances but under 200yards i could hold my own, which was pretty good because i'm a big guy.