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In running.....Tell me your best times for any distance....Give me the time and distance...




In 5th grade, I ran 2000m in 12 minutes....Now, I can probably do that in about 7-9 minutes...


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I did a 4:44 mile my freshman year of high school.

299,792,458 meters in 1 second.

^What would Einstein say?

totalwar23 said:
^What would Einstein say?

Something relative :)

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Okay, this is going to get really confusing considering all of the "metric" crazies on this site.



super_etecoon said:
I did a 4:44 mile my freshman year of high school.

WOW!!!! Isn't the world record about 3.5 minutes???? I'm starting track on Monday, so I wanted to see how I stack up against VGC users...


I ran a 7:13 mile in 7th grade, and then a 7:00 mile in 8th grade, and then 3 miles in 22 minutes in 11th grade. Haven't really been running that regularly since, so now I do an 8 minute mile once a month or so at the gym, but usually just put the treadmill on "cardio mode" or whatever and run however fast they tell me for 30 minutes to get into my target heart rate to take of my heart and lungs.

100 m dash in 8 seconds

if you know what a beep test is, i got 12.9 on that.

pretty good for a keeper eh?

I'm pretty sure I'm faster than all of you.