Are you buying The Order: 1886?

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You buying it brahs?

Yes 394 58.54%
No 213 31.65%
Fuck no, will be buying t... 66 9.81%

Yes cuz I pre-ordered it for $48 plus tax during e3. After experiencing the setting and story I'll just sell it for $50 to get most of my money back.

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Yup...I rarely play any multiplayer (Destiny has been the one exception, but usually then only do single player stuff). I want MORE of these types of games. Story driven, great graphics, innovative guns...it's all almost perfect for me.

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Burek said:
V-r0cK said:
Yes when its cheaper even though its one of my most anticipated games this year. My backlog is crazy enough as it is that by the time I'll actually start playing it it would have gone down in price significantly.

But this is a perfect game for people with huge backlogs :)

Care to elaborate?

Or is this some rue to get me to purchase the game right away? LOL :P

V-r0cK said:
Burek said:

But this is a perfect game for people with huge backlogs :)

Care to elaborate?

Or is this some rue to get me to purchase the game right away? LOL :P

Buy it right away, of course. And you can get back to your backlog the very next day

I will most likely rent this one. Unless a game reviews super well, or is longer I will hardly ever buy it. If some how it magically reviews in the 90s on metacritic than I might actually buy it. It is already on my gamefly list.

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The hype isn't enough to convince me and neither is the gameplay videos. I highly doubt the length of the game is going to be extraordinary short though..so that's a non issue.

Will wait for actual reviews and base a decision off that and word of mouth.

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Getting it as gift for my birthday. I would have waited until $39.99 to buy tbh.

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have no interest in it but seeing as its been reported that its an easy and not a time consuming plat and its probably gonna be a polished game thats gonna be a fun ride from star to finish im may give it a go

wish these big games would get demos though the last game we got was farcry


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Yep, unless it gets under a 75 on meta.

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Nope, it isn't my kind of game