Are you buying The Order: 1886?

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You buying it brahs?

Yes 394 58.54%
No 213 31.65%
Fuck no, will be buying t... 66 9.81%

What made you want to purchase The Order? For me it was the gameplay and concept. What are your reasons?

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Yes, Collectors Edition, and I like story driven games with pretty graphics.

I'll buy it when it's cheap (probably used as well).

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I'd like to, but no Ps4.

Yupp. I'm a sucker for cinematic story driven action/adventure games.

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Will get it but not immediately. I'm don't have time at the moment and will wait till it is at 40ish


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at round 20 to 30 bucks maybe

for $20, maybe.

Will buy it, but not now. The Order: 1886 isn't 60€ worth.

Yes, I like watching my games more than playing them. Hopefully the trophies unlock themselves.

Have two collector's editions to scalp.


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