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IMO for now the 8th gen just feels like Gen 7 2.0. Only very few games like Fifa could be shared between Gen 6 and Gen 7. PS360 could achieve things that were impossible before, even the Wii with its unique controller did so, too. But eighth gen is basically the same with better graphics. Most games can be ported to last gen, they simply have to chop off the visuals and everything will work well... In glorious 720p sub-30FPS, of course, but well nonetheless.

I think both PS4 and Xbox One should've been a bit more powerful than what the PS4 is, and thus making 1080p a standard. PS360 back then were on par with high-end PCs, but that isn't the case with PS4 and Xbox One. The power difference between a 2005/6 system and a 2013 one is quite noticeable but still the new gen doesn't achieve anything crazy impressive. I'm not asking for 4K gaming, but it would've been nice to have 1080p @ perfectly stable 30FPS as a minimum in all games. Instead, all we have is "hurr durr resolution hurr durr fps hurr durr gameplay hurr durr pc master race", just watch a Digital Foundry video and check for yourself. The community is incredibly toxic. The argument between PS3 and 360 was somehow fun because they both were almost equal, and thus it all came down to the games. But now... Every gaming site I go is just a sad pixel war.

What has gaming come to, really.

The only thing lacking this generation are gamers who aren't a bunch of whiny babies.

This gen is definitely lacking in fun and fresh titles.

The consoles themselves arent really that much different to last gen and the games are more or less the same thing with a different skin.

Yes, it is still early days but nothing has really wowed me so far.

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Locknuts said:
Sentient_Nebula said:
I think we reached a threshold in the 7th-gen...

If you think about it, every new console generation offered up new possibilities in terms of what kinds of games were possible. There were a ton of new games that weren't possible before, and that's what made every new generation great.

This time, however, the PS4 and Xbox One can't really do much special that the PS3 and Xbox 360 couldn't do (Other than prettier graphics). That's why we're seeing so many cross-gen titles as well.

Couldn't have said it better myself. What disappoints me is that these cross-gen titles often run at 30fps even on the new consoles. I'm not convinced that their has been a big enough boost in CPU power in these new consoles. In fact I'm amazed that they are selling so well.

So much truth in these two posts.

Although I am sure the PS4/Xbone have great CPU power its just that the devs refuse to try and use it to its full potential. Instead of slightly more polygons I would rather have bigger more intricate worlds/enemy AI and patterns/etc.

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pokoko said:
Nem said:
Lack of games. The market became cut-throat with the rush the previous generation did into HD. Many companies went under and the ones we have left are mostly the rehash titles yearly variety.

There are few titles and far between. There are few next-gen exclusives because they are risky. There is less variety because it is risky. Basically, we are driving into a corner and the walls keep getting closer. One day people will get fed up of FPS' and this will all come crashing down.

That's pretty amusing, when you think about it, considering the FPS genre is what pushed gaming popularity so high.  If the technology needed for FPP hadn't come along, we'd still be stuck in a loop of platformers and sidescrollers and gaming would be infinitely more boring and much less wide-spread.  I know my interest in gaming waned considerably with the SNES until I discovered PC gaming (FPP games, in fact, with Daggerfall and Mech Warrior) and then the rise of the JRPG with the PS1.  The idea of more genres being added to the mix being a bad thing is ludicrous to me.

But, yes, there may come a day when competitive online military FPS games become less popular and the industry sheds a lot of casual gamers.  I don't see that causing anything to come crashing down, though, as there are other types of games that are very popular.  Besides, the market always rushes to fill a vacuum.  Resources would be shifted.

As far as things being cut-throat now, the most cut-throat generation gaming has ever seen was the NES era and we survived that, even if many fledgling studios did not.  It's all about adaptability.  The middle died last gen because the internet made information about a game avaliable at the drop of a hat and people stopped paying $60 for average titles when top-of-the-line titles were the exact same price.  Gone are the days when a cool-sounding titles and awesome boxart could push sales.  Thankfully, resonably priced downloadable titles are rising to replace them, many of which are also more creative to boot.

Hm... i disagree with almost everything. 

First, you defend FPS like they ushered in the 3D era. Racers and shooters ushered in 3D and platforms, fighters and FPS later cimented them. So, 3D and FPS are definitly not one and the same. But i think you greatly underestimate the dependency the market has entered from the "bros" audience. If they are shed, we will ne left with audiences the size of the Wii U and the Vita. Developers will just shift to mobiles after th casuals and will leave us hanging. I can only see specialised companies like Nintendo sticking around, just like in the NES era.

Also, your theory about internet killing the middle man. Nope. Development costs cut the middle man. If it were just bad games, you would be right, but theres lots of good games and good companies that went under. Also past giants like SEGA and Konami lost their footing and downsized.

We are left with few games and few companies. Actually, so few that the market is completely dependable on indie developers to keep putting outsoftware nowadays. 

There have been a lot of quality reasons expressed here which correctly address the thread's theme, but, an important one has been overlooked:  you're getting older

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I'm among the "We've reached the threshold" camp. There's really not much left to wow us in terms of graphics, story, or maybe even gameplay (with the exception of virtual reality). I think we get to the point, as gamers, where we expect such high levels of quality from each game that it's impossible to reproduce over and over. Some of the studios are kind of phoning it in, though.

That and a lack of new IPs that will become generation-defining classics 10 to 20 years from now. The generation is still young, though so plenty of time for that to happen.

It'll be awhile before I figure out how to do one of these. :P 

OP, I couldn't agree more. There's definitely something missing and that's new and exciting IPs.

So far we've had nothing like Gears of War, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed, Heavy Rain and The Walking Dead: Season 1. Even the wiiu is not doing all that great, despite its many good games. We have nothing exciting like Mario Galaxy, nothing like WiiFit, motion controls in general or even Brain training type of games (that would get people talking).

The new IPs have by and large been underwhelming. Watch_Dogs had mixed reviews by critics and users alike. Same with Destiny. The new Insomniac game didn't make much of an impression on gamers, even though it was a good game. Even Infamous was good, but not a huge improvement over the last two. Drive Club is now a good game, but not a game changer. Ryse and Knack are regarded as terrible (though there the two exclusives I care the most for) and games that did do well were not new IPs. It's great that Mordor and dragon age Inquisition did well, but they're not new ips and thus less exciting.

Even if Bloodborne turns out to be good, it will still be a spiritual successor, so not as exciting and fresh as Demon's Souls (you pretty much know what to expect from Bloodborne). I don't see The Order changing things, but I hope it does.

Ssliasil said:

I love the PS4 and am gaining healthy respect for the Xbox One...but something about this generation is off...I cant quite put my finger on it.

Lack of Mystery perhaps?  I remember back when the X360 and PS3 were new, there was this air of mystery about everything...not just because of the massive power boost from PS2/Xbox - PS3/X360 either... There was this very fun creative atmosphere from the developers that was just awe inspiring for some reason.

Not all titles were GOOD per say but they were all -  oddly, extremely exciting...Remember when MGS4, Halo 3 and Gears of War 1 released?  How about that feeling around the Heavenly Sword (awesome) and Lair (fail) releases?  Those were epic feels! 

Those were followed up by Uncharted and Little Big Planet and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare...wow now that I think back about it..that...that was an amazing time for gaming.

EVERYTHING was fresh and new!  Even sequels...its a feeling im missing so far.  Strangely enough, I think the closest its been was Ryse: Son of Rome...and I haaaaate that game...But it feels a lot like Heavenly Sword did.

Maybe im looking back with rose-colored glasses but...those were really fun times.

I think everyone needs to remember that it's going to continue to be harder for games to impress us.  I know these 3 things to be true:

1) The PS4 is just as much more powerful than the PS3 than the 360 was stronger than the Xbox.

2) The PS4 does allow games to be created that weren't possible on PS3.  Think No Man's Sky, BF4 64 player, and The Order 1886.

3) While these things are impressive, it's hard to be as impressed as we used to be.  Things like MAG, Killzone 2, Fallout 3, and Minecraft made us game in ways we never had before.