Nintendo is a Victim of their own success.

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any other animals in your arsenal of fluffy animal photos?

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what ya looking for?


tastyshovelware said:

any other animals in your arsenal of fluffy animal photos?

SSPOrkSK is a victim of cheese.

Just as someone pointed out : numbers count , and thats what will eventually help Nintendos software sales ( 3rd party wise ) .

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Well considering Smash bros already passed Melee in Japan.

Galaxy surpassed Mario sunshine worldwide

and Twilight Princess is one of the best selling Zelda games in a while

i'd say that their audience hasn't changed in favor of the casual gamer.

welll you get the idea


Oh my god the Wii and Nintendo´s own high quality of games will kill them, that´s awful.

Why why does this happen to Nintendo?
They are the only company in the world that can have success but still fail
That make the best 1st party games of all developers but still it causes their downfall and have the highest sales in the world but still won´t survive.

Damn fate is against Nintendo just because reality is Nintendo biased.

Damn it´s time for PIZZA and more of those awsome kittens.

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ahhhh, the photos won't load for me. im assuming awesome photo overload. (crosses fingers, hopes for chinchilla pics).

SSPOrSK said:
...Resident Evil...Gamecube ports...Red Steel was a launch title...
 There, I agree with you on those two points.  Why attack you because almost everything you said was wrong?  Other people can do that.  I want to agree with you because you got a couple things right.  Good job. 


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