The Order Will Sell 800k - 1 Million In One Week.

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500k-680k First Week

2.5m-3.5m LTD

End of 2016 prediction



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jadakiss1217 said:
500k-680k First Week

2.5m-3.5m LTD

That's pretty much how I think it will do FW.

580k FW
3.5m LT


You're not BHR-3, therefore I don't think your ambitious prediction will come true.

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I think 750k FW and 2.5m LFT.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

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including digital, yes
at least the first week number.
lifetime won't be that high

680k FW, then 3.5mil -3.9mil LT for me. A great advertising campaign it has, but how long can the sales go with BloodBourne coming up soon after that will be the key.

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I always like to lowball my estimates so 500k-700K FW but i agree with you're lifetime sales

VG will massively overtrack this game, then we will later find out it didn't even top the software charts for the month. VG has been very very generous to ps4 software 5+ million generous.

300-500k first week.

Is there any real hype? or people want this because they really need a PS exclusive? honest question