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Would you enjoy the forums having keyboard navigation (J/K to move up and down a post)?

I'd like that A LOT! 24 22.86%
It would be nice to have 24 22.86%
I don't think I'd use it 30 28.57%
Not really 16 15.24%
See results 10 9.52%
Boutros would like the option to delete polls!

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Voting Features:
- Allow voting for more than one item.
- Allow a "View results" option by default
- Stop truncating vote entries upon voting.

Sales features:
- Cummulative option in HW charts (Under Tools -> HW by Date) similar to the option in Games Comparison tool.
- Sales by manufacturer
- Games multi-platform view in Games Totals page and all similar chartz.

Mafia features (for later):
- Filter posts to see only posts by certain users. (Exclusive to mafia forum)
- Automatic vote reports
- Vote statistics tools (vote chains, vote graphs, ...)

Article features:

- Remove thumb down option as it's being abused and comments remain of low quality.

- VGChartz buddy doesn't work on mobile phones or WiiU. (last time I checked)
- Notifications don't highlight the comment in question, often leaving me wondering where the related comment is (worsens if original comment was deleted).

I have a suggestion, since mobile is a big thing now, example, i only access vgchartz through my tablet, embed the vgchartz buddy into the main page. This floating thing is not a must have imo.

Glad you are aware of the mobile bugs and are working on them.

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SPELL CHECK! Please, for love of neptune, fix the site so spell check works when you're quoting someone. Right now, it only works with quick reply.

The search function doesn't work that well especially when searching for other threads.


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Thanks for the fixes. I would like to suggest that a block feature be added to the forum. Also, alerts for when someone quotes you. I've missed some quotes because of how the vgchartz buddy works.

Can you also fix the adding games feature? Some games you cant add to your collection in your profile, the search field simple gives you random stuff. The best thing would be if you could just add games on the sales page of each respective game in the vgchartz data base

Nice, and as I don't see it in the OP I'll ask:
Please fix the embed videos so they can actually show when you use that function.

'The sub-menu options no longer “hide” under the content of the site'

Oh yes, that was so ugly.

I wish ya good luck with this, truck. I'm sure that you're being bombarded with requests.