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Don't know if it really counts but I usually watch quite a bit of Smash Bros. competitive.
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I've tried to get into it. I ... just... can't... doit. Perhaps I'm just a selfish player and if I see video games being played, I want to be the one in control. There's really no good reason. I love watching football and baseball... people make fun of baseball saying its too boring to watch. You would think that eSports can be an easy transition for a guy like me.

If I were to invent a reason I'd say that the communities seem alittle intimidating to get into. They don't seem very inviting to outsiders. I tried attending a Smash Bros event one time and I had no idea what the hell was goin' on.

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I watch SC2, Hearthstone and some Dota2.

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Yeah I watch a lot of Dota 2 and some CSGO oh and favorite player? either Universe or Fear

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LoL, but mostly my country teams. I only watch NA/EU/SK teams in the world championship.

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Only Smash. It is too hype not to follow.

I watch probably too many Starcraft 2 matches. I just really enjoy it!

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Yeah, during the Quake 3, CS 1.6, UT and SC: Brood War days, but not anymore.

Some Starcraft 2 and WC3 every now and then. FIFA as well, but only to have a laugh- I don't take FIFA too seriously. Partially a nation factor as Sweden are relatively good at e-sports. Gets reasonable exposure here; my brother used to be one of those scary WC3 players with 75-85% win ratio always sifting online looking to improve his skills further, plus when you discuss game-specific tactics chance is someone below 30 who overhears actually understands something (though we need more females!), and I even believe our public service channels broadcast certain e-sport events. Ye, about my brother- I obliterate him at racing games with my excellent defensive play so that's okay.

I watch Smash Bros, Ultra Street Fighter 4, KI, and UMVC 3. Oh and throw in Injustice and MK. I watch it daily!

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