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I came here expecting to see someone seriously claim magic is terrorism and I expected that to amuse me. Now I am disappointed because I saw the embodiment of stupidity instead.

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For those that want a more reliable source.

Forget ISIS, I think it's time the US Government sends troops into Texas. Whole lotta waste in the US we could do without.

Bloody hell, this is something I would expect Onion to come up with, not a real news.

What the actual fuck... sometimes being an American is just plain embarrassing.


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Like that?

Well this made me Lol:

“I assure you my son lacks the magical powers necessary to threaten his friend’s existence,” the boy’s father later wrote in an email. “If he did, I’m sure he’d bring him right back.”

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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So everyone who joined my ioi summoning thread and live in USA are in danger now.

generic-user-1 said:
hm hasnt jesus done some kind of magic, like healing people and walking over water and stuff? so is the bible now banned at schools too?

I often think this.


What if this boy is actually jesus?

coming back and showing off his magical powers.


But of course, hes not the messiah. Hes a very naughty boy.

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Well, in the school's defence, lots of 9-year old kids still believe in Santa with his flying reindeer, the Tooth Fairy and that the Easter Bunny lays eggs. So while threatening with a magic ring is laughable to us, to the child who was on the receiving end of the threat he/she might actually believe that magic rings are a thing. Hence that child might believe the threat is real and might have been very scared and traumatised by the ordeal.

Whether suspension was an appropriate response or not is a different matter, and one which needs to full context of the ringbearer's schooling history. But bringing the T word into it was completely out of order.

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