New 4K-Capable PS4 And Xbox One Consoles Coming This Year, Predicts Netflix

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Well don't the Xbox One and PS4 come with 4k HDMI cables? wouldn't surprise me if 4k streaming of videos and pics happens, no way it happens for video games on these consoles, they can't even do 1080p consistently.

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IFireflyl said:
Chevinator123 said:
I still haven't seen 4k in the flesh yet, i can only imagine how good it looks :(

If you are not seeing it on a huge screen (80" or larger) compared to a 1080p TV of the same size then it is highly unlikely you would even notice a difference.

May I ask you if YOU haver personally seen 4k in person? I casually go into my local Curry's store where they have 4k TV's showing and it's absolutely jaw dropping. So you're either spreading information you haven't concluded for yourself or need to get your eyes checked.

archer9234 said:
Chevinator123 said:
I still haven't seen 4k in the flesh yet, i can only imagine how good it looks :(

You actually kind of have. Ever take a photo with a 13 MP camera? The photos are 4K res.

Not unless you're viewing it on a 4K screen. If I take a picture on my Xperia Z1 using the 20.7mp camera, it's higher res than 5k but because the phone has a 1080p screen I am seeing the picture in 1080p. Also, even then an actual 4k camera will produce better quality as smartphone camera's have tiny censors. 

Until 4K TVs or Computer screens are as cheap as regular screens, we won't see any attempt of reaching 4K gaming any time soon. Also, a lot of developers is still strggling to get 1080p 60fps. How bad would the fps part would become if they needed to reach 4K? 30fps-15fps?

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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both ps4 and xbox one support hdmi 1.4, which can output 4k just fine...

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IFireflyl said:
Kirin_gaming said:

The consoles should eventually support 4k video, they are capable after all.

4k video is really not that special it really does increase the detail of the picture(too much detail on ppl faces for my taste)but the upgrade is really worth it nonetheless.

The people who say there is not difference between 1080p and 4k,or that you need gigantic screen to notice the difference either have no idea what they're saying, have not experience enough 4k content; if any, or have really bad eye sight, since I can notice it no matter what distance I'm watching from.

4k video is a nice upgrade and all, but it doesn't compare to 4k gaming.Gaming at 4k increases the detail a LOT,everything stands out on the screen, and even the colors are more vibrant.Anyways just like anything else you get used to it and it kind of loses its "wow effect."

Or they have science and facts on their side. This is my post from earlier. That diagram is based off of someone with 20/20 vision. Maybe you just had a really crappy HDTV, so the 4k TV looks awesome in comparison.

Also, I'm pretty sure that 4k has nothing to do with colors being more vibrant.

I have a brand new HP23xi 1080p Monitor with a vibrant IPS panel everything is super clear and crisp with a nice pixel density (being 23 inches) But it pales in comparison to 4k screens I have seen in person, even when going super close up you can make out tiny little details in small sections of the screen. 

We had this whole "it's not worth it" thing a decade ago when 720p came out.

meh 4K is obsolete already.

CES showed us a new line of 8K tvs coming lol.



Just to make sure everyone understands -

There is a difference between 4k video stream capabilities and 4k gaming.

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Around here there are 4k TVs everywhere in shops. People buy it and it starts to become the norm. Everyone I know who needed a new TV bought 4k because its the same Price as once good Full HD Sets were. For 1000m euro you get a 55-60 inch 4k TV and it looks stunning in comparision. I see a massive difference. In 5 years 4k will be the new 1080p

This isn't a big deal. Its really easy for Sony and ms to just make a firmware update that will allow the PS4/XB1 playback 4k video content. And as many have pointed out, this will not be for gaming. That's not saying some indie Dev can't make a 4k game for the PS4/XB1, they can handle it. The game would just look like well...... echochrome.

The HDMI 1.4 spec that both the PS4/XB1 uses, supports 4k at no higher than 30fps, which is just perfect for movies anyways so Yh, its coming.