$10 Metroid Prime Trilogy, anybody buying who own the separate GCN and Wii games? Differences?

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Are you going to buy Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii U this week?

yes 139 68.81%
no 32 15.84%
maybe if.. 13 6.44%
see results 18 8.91%
foxtail said:
Cheebee said:

This digital Wii U version will recognize your old save files that are stored in the Wii mode of the console, I'm assuming...?

Yes, I think so.

It works that way for Mario Galaxy 2, so I'm assuming it would be the same here.

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I own all three original copies, plus the Collector's Edition of MP Trilogy.

Now, it's safe to say I have EVERY means of playing these games!


Iyasu said:

Have Metroid Prime 1 for the Gamecube, bought the Trilogy on disc for 70€ at the end of 2012 shortly after buying my Wii U (didn't have a Wii).

I bought the Trilogy digitally for 9,99€, because I really like the convenience of just starting a game without first having to pop in the Disc, especially if I don't have to go into Wii mode first.

I'll play it in march, as I'm a little time constrained at the moment.

Well it does go in to Wii mode, it just bypasses the menus and boots the game directly from storange :P 

NIntendo pretty much took a page from the softmodders handbook for this lol 

For 10 dollars, to play all three, worth it :)

Nah. No point. I used to have all three original games. Then got the Trilogy version, the good release with the metal case. Gave my original versions to a friend. No reason to buy it again, and waste the harddrive space.

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Scisca said:
foxtail said:
Scisca said:
Can I buy it now and take advantage of the sweet price despite not owning a Wii U just yet? Kinda like with the browser version of PSN Store? I own a Wii if that's of any help...

I think you can buy the download code even if you don't have a Nintendo Network ID (I think it's to help with people gifting games)

Check the links below because I'm not certain on the details:



Thanks, but... Hey, is it NA only? Doesn't Europe get the Trilogy for 10 Euro? I guess I can't buy a NA code and play it on a EU console?

The sale prices in all regions are £9 UK/€10 EU/$10 USA/$11 CAN/$13 AUS.  

But I think buying the download code online with the links I posted were meant for a Wii U in the US or Canada.  I might also work on NA console in another region?  I don't think it'll work on a EU console though and there is no way to buy a code online outside the NA site.

I have bought the Trilogy for the Wii some while ago and all three games are simply amazing! Prime 2 not as much as Prime 1 and 3, but still!

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my download isn't working.
i have tried 4 times...
any other with same issue?


I didn't want to buy - as I already own Corruption and the Trilogy...

But seeing the dramatically improved loading times I just couldn't resist.

Still have to finish Prime 2...

Just played some months ago Prime 1 - wanted to test if the Remote bar was installed correctly - and before I could blink I was sucked in again.

As the Trilogy was a bargain - this is the steal of the century.

Own 1 & 2 on GC and 3 on the Wii.

Bought the eshop trilogy day one. 3 fantastic games for £8.99? No brainer.

Plus, i never got to play 1 & 2 with the motion controls.

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