What's the best "Worst selling" console?

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Best lowest seller?

Master System 8 2.12%
Genesis 19 5.04%
Saturn 13 3.45%
Dreamcast 77 20.42%
PS3 85 22.55%
Wii U 175 46.42%

All hail the Virtual Boy!!

Why is the PS3 on the list? 80 million units are great. And I'd pick the Vita, even though it isn't on the list. It may not have a diverse library of genres, but I only bought it for JRPGs and it has lots of these.

EDIT: I realized it's generation-sorted, but still. 80 millions aren't bad at all.

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Objectively the PS3 but I really like my Wii U now

The neo geo: we are not worthy

im going with dreamcast, i love that little guy D:

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That's an interesting question. I'd rank the poll options as follows:

1. PS3
2. Dreamcast
3. Wii U
4. Saturn
5. Genesis
6. Master System

I do think Wii U will leapfrog Dreamcast and PS3 by the end of its lifetime, though.

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6 PlayStation 3 (PS3) 84.73

7 Xbox 360 (X360)  84.48

I love these stealth 360 vs PS3 threads.




The PS3 didn't finish last.

Miguel_Zorro said:

The PS3 didn't finish last.

That's why we have pointless flame bait threads like this. Some people cannot let go.


User was warned for this post.


Wright said:
shikamaru317 said:
I was expecting consoles that sold less than 10m or something, not the lowest selling from each generation. Perhaps you should rephrase the title a bit.

BTW, Genesis was not the lowest seller in it's generation, out of the 5 4th gen home consoles Genesis was #2 that generation, Neo Geo was the lowest seller.

Wow, Neo Geo was awesome!!!

The problem was it was absurdly expensive... Each cartridge was like its own mini arcade unit lol

Here's my ranking:

1 (four way tie): Dreamcast - Genesis - PS3 - Wii U
2: Saturn
3. Master system

... Did I do it right? :D

Srsly I love those four to much to rank them, but it does seem only the Wii U is really under appreciated these days