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Pewdiepie makes $4mil a year on the backs of other people's creative output. Perhaps developers don't pay him directly, but he earns a pretty large paycheck by piggybacking off of their work.

Copyright holders definitely deserve money when their work is used in youtube videos. I'm not sure why anyone would claim otherwise.

It might not be the best business decision to take 40% of ad revenue, but if it's their property that's being used to generate that revenue, then it's their decision to make.

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Nobody here read what he said did they?? -_-

Shinobi-san said:
It should'nt even be legal for Nintendo or any other publisher to claim profits from lets plays. The gamer has already purchased the game and the publisher has already received the money for the game sale.

Gamers bought it for themselves. Buying the game doesn't give you the right to publish the game to the rest of the world. Kind of similar to movies. I don't like that Nintendo is doing this, but legally they have the right to do it in my opinion.

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Funny how out of date people think Nintendo is. This is the one instance where Nintendo is ahead of the times.

It won't be long before all big companies start asking for their cut of things too. I'm surprised it has lasted this long with it being free. Companies are greedy at nature, its their job. They are there to make money.

Just like how DLC is now no longer a question but an expectation companies getting a cut of revenue will someday be the norm. People will blame Nintendo, just like people blame like EA or something for DLC, but it was going to happen sooner or later. I'm surprised and not surprised Nintendo was first. Surprised because Nintendo always seems last to adapt to things and would also expect companies liek EA or something to try this first. not surprised becuase Nintendo is the most anal and protective of their IP's out of any company I can think of.

But Pewdie pie and other youtubers/twitch/ect peopel should really plan ahead.  To expect to not have a company who's game you are playing want a cut is a bit rediculous thinking about it.  Hell Youtube takes what like 40% of their revenue, why would htey not expect the game they are playing and getting viewers due to to not want a cut as well.  

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vivster said:
RealGamingExpert said:
vivster said:
I think the people in this thread are focusing too much on Pewdiepie. The actual point of this stretches across all youtube LPers and reviewers. Hell, even the article's author thinks it's a stupid idea^^

Most people think it's a stupid idea, but it is a step in the right direction. 2 years ago it was much worse. It's a good start and they will hopefully  soon see that youtube isn't a bad thing for them.

Square Enix also doesn't like people who upload gameplay of their games btw. They have been claiming videos for quite some time too.

How is taking such an aggressive step in the wrong direction a step forward? There was nothing before that program except Nintendo cracking down on some vids. The right direction would be doing less of what they're doing and not more. Or do you think they're now less aggressive towards youtubers who refuse the deal?

And I don't think we need many more examples of why SE is fucking stupid.

Would you rather have no video at all, or some videos (with Nintendo getting 40% of the revenue.) Remember, they're only still going to crack down on some videos now, particularly the ones making lots of revenue. And instead of removing them entirely, they're going to let them stay but demand part of the profit. 

ktay95 said:
Nobody here read what he said did they?? -_-

Why should we? He is self-entitled, regardless of how misleading the OP is.

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gooch_destroyer said:
Imagine PewDiePie playing Bayo 2 and then suddenly the game does much better sales wise.

LOL right? Nintendo is out of touch to the free marketing tactics of this era.  I am not a fan of Pewdiepie, but if he played Bayonetta, that could equate to some sales for people who own a Wii U. I mean, they should be able to ask for a certain sum of money because it is primarily their product, but PewDiePie as a brand can market their products as well. I am sure PewDiePie gets far more views on Youtube than Nintendo gets so yeah...its about the approach.

Okay, I read the article and decided I half-agree with what he said.

Nonetheless, it's PewDiePie and he should never be taken seriously. So, I give Nintendo a +1 because of this.

Well... one thing is true. Its not like Nintendo needs the money.

So, the question becomes... why all this? For some pocket change? Doesnt sound clever.