Who do you think will win e3 this year?

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Who you think is gonna win

Microsoft: GEARS!!! BANJO!!! PERFECT DARK!!!! 38 11.41%
Nintendo: METROID!!! ANIM... 158 47.45%
Sony: GOD OF WAR!!! LAST ... 137 41.14%

surprised by the lack of votes for microsoft :(


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Skullwaker said:
When Nintendo reveals Metroid, they'll win.


Also, Zelda U's probably gonna blow some minds
(Unless, you know, it gets delayed D:   )

Gonna say Nintendo
2014 was so awesome, I think E3 2015 can be even better

Predictions: PS4: 110m, XB1: 65m, Wii U: 15m, 3DS: 70m, PSV: 15m

Curl - 6 was right about Zelda U never being a wii u exclusive, I should have never bet against him :p