You still think that PS3 will outsell Wii?

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Will PS3 beat the Wii?

Yes, It will. 94 23.86%
Nope, i don't think. 142 36.04%
NO!!! Just no! 0% chance 157 39.85%
Ka-pi96 said:
jetforcejiminy said:
neither will the ps4 for that matter

PS4 should do it fairly easily.

yup, same way ps4 outsold wii first year... it's not going to be a particularly long generation (wii suffered in the last two years, but did exceptionally well for the first 4) and tbh i don't think a dedicated console will ever do wii numbers again, let alone ps2 numbers.

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I'm sure the PS3, like every PlayStation home console before, will have some mighty impressive legs. I have no idea how many Units will be sold when all is said and done though.

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Yes, and it's hardly under 85M, let's just wait for Sony report, they had it shipped at 85.5 last time if I recall it right.

Edit: I really would like to know the last shippment numbers right.

Were there really people thinking it will top Wii?
Ps4 with the better start might not beat the Wii.

Even if the PS3 will have some "legs", it still won't outsell the Wii.. It simply seems impossible at this point!

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No, I don't think it has a chance to do it. If they'd cut the price in 2014 (by a lot), then I think it may have had a slight chance, but it's too late now, momentum is gone.

It can reach 90 million, but it can't surpass the Wii, the PS4 is just too big. Also, when Sony gives a cloud option or streaming PS3 games with PS4 (or, to make things less complicated, an emulator), it will end the sales of the PS3.

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Not even the ps4 will.

No, but I never thought that. It won't have the legs of the PS1 and especially PS2 during the new generation. It's falling fast and won't sell more than a couple million this year, and half less next year. The market for 7th Gen is too saturated, and newer markets won't help much. It could probably take another 10 years for it to catch up.

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