What was the first game you played?

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Handhelds: Pokemon Red on GB

Consoles: Need for speed on 3DO :)

I'm back...

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Mmm... ok mine was MegaMan for Gameboy ,yep that giant box with green screen when I was 5, i kept it and still works.

Mario Land on the original GameBoy. Never beat it. :p

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Either Sonic The Hedgehog 3 or Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt... I can't quite remember... Though if I dig back further it could have been Atari Baseball...

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Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt/Track and Field for the NES on my 5th birthday.

Or maybe it was another game, but that is the first one I distinctly remember playing. My friend had an Atari, so it is quite possible I played that first.

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I believe it was Bomb Jack on the ZX Spectrum or 1942 also on the Spectrum! Dunno how old, about 7 i think

Munchman on the TI when I was 4


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Hey You Pikachu that came with my N64......2nd was MARIO KART 64!!!


Sea Wolf in Blackpool UK 1976!





 My mum had to get me a high box to stand on to play it each time.