Would you date a transsexual?

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Well, would you?

Definitively. 80 7.70%
Yes, but only if attracti... 139 13.38%
Yes...but only completely post-op. 26 2.50%
I don't know. 74 7.12%
Probably not; I would be ... 113 10.88%
No. 374 36.00%
Transsexuality is disgusting. 155 14.92%
You're weird, Wright. 78 7.51%
melbye said:
No, sorry

No need to apologize, mate.

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That is honestly a very hard question to answer as never encountered it personally.

If I knew going in, it might affect me and confuse my sense of sexuality (again, hard for me to say without experience).

If I did not know, and for example my wife were to reveal such a thing I would still love her, but I may feel hurt to keep something like that from me (not sure how she would).

I do agree a major issue is children in any relationship and how either party feels about it. I would like to have a child someday so that would be an issue. However, if my wife or I were unable for what ever medical reason I would not divorce her. Not sure how I feel about adoption to be honest as another issue never really thought about. I lean no, but that is with expectation of have a child of my own someday still.

Not a full and definitive answer, but this feels morally grey to me in regards to who and why we find people attractive. I made a point to never date smokers for example as habit really bothers me. Can call me prejudice I suppose, but think who we elect to date or marry is ultimately our own selfish decision on what we want.

I think I would be a little discomforted, so no.

So I voted "you are weird Wright" because is true

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Well I wouldn't feel comfortable being with someone that was once a man, even if it was just for casual sex. As it's been said you can't have children with them so it's kinda pointless to be in a relationship with one if you want to have children at some point down the road.

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EricFabian said:
So I voted "you are weird Wright" because is true

Why is this in the Website Issues forum?

No, I would not date a woman who has transitioned to a man as I am right now. Dnt know why though.

I never want children, EVER, so could care less about passing genes though ;---p.

Of course not. I'm just not into that kind of stuff!

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super_etecoon said:
Why is this in the Website Issues forum?

This is on Website Feedback.


I'd have put it on General Discussion, but that section is broken and thread vanishes as soon as you create it.