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Megaoverlord12 said:

That's true. HOWEVER, I'm pretty sure I can safely say that they would likely have sold at least as well if they were last gen only games, and the last gen ports from Watch Dogs, Titanfall, The Evil Within, and Destiny prove that they didn't necessarily need next gen for them to work.

Most last gen games in 2013 flopped pretty hard. New IPs would probably have a hard, hard time. And all of these cross gen titles ended up selling way more on PS4, even with a smaller base. This shows that the active base it's on next gen and things will only increase. And if the early adopter moved to next gen, launching a new franchise on last gen would probably only gather a following of late adopters. So when PS360 winds down, these games would end up not having a decent footprint on next gen until the late adopters jumped (end of gen).

Despite that, PS3 and 360 won't result in good sales after 2015. PS4 and X1 will give 3rd parties good numbers until 2019/20. The transition between gens is the right time to estabilish a new franchise. And you have to think in the future, and that's PS4 and X1.

We can think that these franchises could have been succesfull on last gen only. But a lot of people already moved to next gen and aren't buying a lot of games for the old consoles or simply don't own a last gen console anymore. So let's think in the following scenario: let's suppose that CoD Ghosts and MW were PS360 only. People on PS4/X1 would probably prefer their new machines with better graphics to play or simply they sold their old console or it broke and they won't bother with replacing it. Maybe they decide to buy the alternative, that could be BF4/Hardline. That could lead to a situation where BF became the biggest shooter franchise on next gen and as the sales on PS360 fall, the sales on PS4/X1 would rise. In the end, the last gen franchise would end up damaged. These is clear in our real world scenario: both CoD and BF immediatily set their feet on PS4/X1 at launch. Other franchises did the same, like NFS.

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Wait until you see 2015.

WolfpackN64 said:
Faust said:
WolfpackN64 said:

Watch Dogs, Destiny, Titanfall, Driveclub and The Evil Within are all mostly letdowns. Off all 5, Destiny and Titanfall have most potential to become something bigger and better. Even though Watch Dogs, Driveclub and The Evil Within sold well, they are not really good games, so sale nmbers be damned, they're not succesful new IP's (except for the 2 I mentioned). That and Watch Dogs is also on the Wii U, but it doesn't sell wel, which is in my eyes a good sign of the Wii U userbase.

Can you explain why is this a good sign?

I consider myself a core gamer, I have no time for mediocraty or laziness on part of the developer. It shows the Wii U userbase doesn't want Ubisoft's turds,. Bring something good to the table like AC IV, then we'll talk. Sometimes, a game not selling wel is a good sign.

SO, what about games like sonic boom? 3 times of watchdogs did, is that game that awesome? ;)

Does Captain Toad count?

for those that mentioned Watch dogs and shovel night, i addressed those in the edit in the OP. i dont mind being wrong, though i feel i still have a point.

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bunchanumbers said:
Does Captain Toad count?

I think captain toad and Hyrule warriors would both count as spin offs. 

I think Splatoon will be the first

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bunchanumbers said:
Does Captain Toad count?

I'd consider Captain toad a new IP. Unlike Hyrule Warriors which is Dynasty Warriors with a Zelda skin Captain Toad was one of the more unique games of the year... All it really had in common with other franchises is the Toad character and the little mini game in Super Mario 3D.

I'm anxiously awaiting a DLC for it.

Splatoon could do it but I don't think it will. Oh well, Nintendo has enough great IP's. They don't need more.


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spemanig said:
tbone51 said:

Splatoon will feed your needs. That said why not count Nintendoland and HW? Might as well not count SSB/MK/Paper Mario/etc for their respective console releases :0

Edit: NES Remx is one

I disagree with that. Nintendo hasn't gone anything to make me confident that Splatoon with be a financial success the way a lot of Nintendo fans think it will be. No one knows that that game exists.

Your going to be wrong yet again :)